Research Enterprise Reporting

Welcome to the Research Enterprise Reporting portal. This is a self-service site sponsored by the Office of Research Enterprise Operations. This portal provides key reports to department administrators for trend analysis, budget and planning as well as regulatory reports needed for proposal submission. Department administrators with either the Workday Cost Center Financial Analyst role or the IRES-PD/PT Proposal Development role will automatically have access to this information.

All Research Enterprise reports are source from IRES PD/PT/COI.

If you are connecting from an off campus location, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required.

Please Note: For your convenience, every report is furnished with a ‘Report Definition’ document to inform the audience about important information related to the business purpose, selection criteria and caveats related to the use of data within each report. The ‘Report Definition’ document is found in the top right-hand corner of each self-service report.

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