Change in PI

Federal Sponsors require notification, in writing, to the Program Officer (PO) and Grants Management Specialist (GMS) from an Authorized Official (AO) in OSP when it has been determined that a change in PI is anticipated in order to continue the proposed work on a sponsored project. There may be various reasons why a change in PI is required, the most common being when a PI transfers to another institution but the award will remain at Yale. 

As a guideline, all prior approval request letters should be on department letterhead and include the following elements:

  • Date
  • Full name and address of either the GMS or PO
  • Sponsor grant number in the subject line
  • The opening sentence should state what Yale is seeking prior approval for, i.e. change in PI, NCE, etc.
  • Justification paragraph on why the change is necessary
  • Reference to attached documents, budget forms, other support, etc.
  • The effective date of the requested change (Ideally the date should be 30 days or more beyond the date of the letter)
  • Include signature lines from both the PI and OSP Authorized Official
  • Include a cc to the PO or GMS depending upon who the letter is addressed to.

Review the terms of the award or sponsor’s policies for additional guidance on specific prior approval requirements prior to sending the letter to OSP for review and approval.

All prior approval documents must be sent to your GCAT Mailbox so they can be logged to the correct OSP Award manager.