Award Management FAQs

When an award is received in OSP, the documentation (notice of award, fully executed contract or grant agreement, etc.) is reviewed by the OSP Award or Contract Manager for sponsor terms and conditions. If further negotiation is required, the OSP Award or Contract Manager will contact the PI and Department Business Office to notify them of the negotiation and delay in processing of the setup.  If no negotiation is required, the OSP Award or Contract Manager will process the award for setup. The OSP Award Coordinator enters the award into the IRES system, review for the completion of any relevant compliance requirements and processes the award for setup by the OSP setup unit. Occasionally, awards may be placed on “hold” for one or more reasons. The holds can be related to Conflict of Interest, pending protocols for animal or human subjects or incomplete requirements for training by responsible personnel. IRES users may find information about the status of their award setup or specific hold by opening the IRES record in PT View, navigating to the Activity Log section on the left side of the page, and reviewing any “Open” activity log items. The activity log will explain the current status of a hold, or identify that the hold has been lifted (activity closed).  If you are still unable to identify the status of your award setup, please contact your OSP Award or Contract Manager for further information.

For current awards:

Grants and contracts are awarded to Yale University, not to individual Principal Investigators (PI). When a PI plans to leave Yale and move to another institution, you may wish to request the transfer of your active sponsored projects to your new institution. The decision to transfer will require institutional and sponsor approvals.  You are strongly encouraged to work with your department business office (DBO) and contact your OSP Award Manager as soon as possible to facilitate a smooth transition.

The first step in making the decision to transfer, should include an inventory of active sponsored grants and contracts, as well as pending proposals where funding may be imminent. The review of active awards should include determining end dates of the budget or project periods, and remaining funding after commitments, as well as any equipment related specifically to the sponsored project. These actions usually involve the combined efforts of the PI, the sponsor’s contact, the DBO, the OSP Award Manager, OSP and contract and grant personnel at the PI’s new institution.

You will need to review sponsor specific guidelines for relinquishment or termination of each sponsored project.  Your OSP Award Manager can guide you through this process.  NOTE: Some awards are not eligible for transfer because they are dependent upon institutional resources (for example, training grants).

Information required in order to begin this process include:

  • Name of New Institution
  • Effective date of transfer
  • Estimated unexpended balance as of the effective date of transfer for each active sponsored project
  • List of equipment purchased, if applicable, on each award that is to be transferred to the new institution
  • Chair or Dean approval for the transfer
  • Sponsored Project Contact at new institution

Transferring an NIH grant information. Refer specifically to Change of Grantee Organization. Change of Institution can be processed electronically in the eRA Commons.  Instructions for electronically submitting a Change of Institution for a grant can be located here.

Transferring an NSF grant information. The PI initiates the FastLane request and forwards it to GCA for institutional approval. Instructions for completing the FastLate PI Transfer request are located here.

For transferring non-federal grants or contracts, you should contact your OSP Award Manager. Some sponsors have their own forms that need to be processed with institutional signature. Others may require letters seeking approval for transfers. The final letter requires Institutional approval and will require signature by your OSP Award Manager.

In most instances, a final technical and financial report will be required. The PI and DBO should work with OSP to complete the final financial report.

For pending proposals

When leaving Yale, a PI may have pending proposals where funding is imminent. Some sponsors require that Yale relinquish our interest in the proposal, so that if funded, the new institution will receive the award. Other sponsors require that Yale accept the award when funded and then relinquish.  Please contact your OSP Award Manager to assist you through this process.

Depending on your award, there are certain requirements which must be met before a no cost extension may be requested.  Please refer to the no cost extension area for more information.

It is OSP’s responsibility to send an email notification to departments 90 days prior to an award’s expiration date alerting them of the upcoming expiration.

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) will no longer send email notifications to Departments, alerting them when a financial or non-financial report is coming due. Instead, Departments must run the Sponsored Report Tracking (Award Tasks) -Yale to review Awards and Grants that may have required reports, and the due date to OSP (Institutional Due Date). It is highly recommended that the reports are run, at least monthly, to identify any reports coming due. Note the Financial Review Checklist has been updated to reflect this change.

The adjustment period is critical to the reporting process to ensure the timely submission of all financial reports.  OSP has a set schedule during which the PI and his/her administrator or business support unit verify that all expenses are allowable on the award and benefit the project.  It is the responsibility of the PI and the business office or business support unit to complete the following tasks during the adjustment period:

  • Ensure required adjustments to expenses are posted in accordance with accounting, reporting and close-out policies and procedures
  • Verify expenditures to be reported; and
  • Certify and submit the draft financial report to OSP on or prior to the deadline date as specified in the table below.

The adjustment period is the time between the installment end or award expiration date and the date the certified draft financial report is due at OSP. It is during this period of time that the activities identified above are completed and concludes with the submission of a certified draft financial report to OSP.

Reporting Deadline set by sponsor (Number of days following the installment and/or project end date)

Adjustment Period

OSP Deadline (Number of days due to OSP before sponsor due date)

10/15 Days

5/10 Days

5 Days

30/45 Days

15/30 Days

15 Days

60/90 Days

40/70 Days

20 Days

Yes, a new report replacing the BUG 203a has been created in Workday. This General Ledger report aggregates major expenditure categories. Departments are required to run the Sponsored Financial Status Report - Yale, review, sign and return to your OSP Accountant for all awards with a financial report due. For questions on this report, please contact

The certified draft financial report is submitted to OSP in advance of the sponsor’s reporting deadline allowing sufficient time for OSP to: verify costs, reconcile F&A, reconcile cash, track outstanding adjustments, assist when appropriate in the receipt of the final subaward invoice, prepare the financial report, and certify and submit the financial report to the sponsor, in the format specified by the sponsor.

If adjustments to the University’s financial statements are required to accurately reflect project activity, departmental personnel must submit appropriate supporting documentation and an appropriate justification to OSP upon submission of the signed Sponsored Financial Status Report-Yale. This information must be submitted to OSP on or prior to the pre-established institutional deadline in order to be included in the final report to the sponsor. 

Note: Departments or business support units considered to be the award owning organization must clear any cost overruns or overdrafts. If overdrafts are not cleared from the sponsored award prior to submitting the Sponsored Financial Status Report-Yale to OSP, OSP will transfer overdrafts to the Sponsored Project Transfer Account Please attach a document with tracked changes or a new document, as needed.

In the absence of the departmental signed report, OSP will prepare, certify and submit financial reports based upon the general ledger activity at the close of an interim and/or final budget period for the award, consistent with established financial reporting, and account closeout policy.

The requirements regarding the submission of a revised final financial report are dictated by the sponsor’s terms and conditions.  In general, a revised final financial report is required in cases where a credit to expense occurs resulting in a balance available on the award (downward adjustment to the award) OR to claim remaining funds due to an unexpected allowable expense (upward adjustment to the award).

A revised federal final financial report whereby the University claims less in expenditures than were originally reported is required regardless of timeframe. 

Requests to submit an upwardly revised final financial report must be approved by the principal investigator and business administrator (or designee), and sent to the Accounting Supervisors of the Financial Reporting Group of OSP for approval.

Once the final financial report is submitted to the sponsor, OSP will change the award status in the University financial system to “On Hold” to prevent further expenses on the award until all payments are received and the award can be finalized and closed.

When all anticipated adjustments are made and cash received, the award is formally considered to be “Closed”.