Components of a Federal Contract Submission

There are typically two* components to a federal contract submission: 

  1. The Technical Proposal
    The detailed work plan should signify how the Statement of Work conveyed in the RFP (or BAA by NIH) will successfully be achieved. Details should include information on staffing, organization, and management of the work plan. In some cases a timeline of completion stages for various tasks of a project may be required. Please ensure instructions are followed for accuracy in arrangement and forms when preparing the technical proposal. Special attention should be paid to the:
    • Project plan
    • Personnel and facilities description
    • Summary budget
  2. The Business Proposal
    This includes detailed budget information with backup pricing data. The costs needed to perform the work will need to be adequately addressed in the business proposal for the NIH to evaluate the costs of the work performed. The amounts of the main items should be included in the proposed costs. Main items will include labor, fringe benefits, travel, materials, subcontracts and indirect costs.  Please remember to follow instructions entirely to make certain specifications regarding costs to be included or not included are observed.
    Please note: Form requirements for contracts are different than grant forms and will need to adhere to RFP and BAA specifications. It is important to be aware that not every document in a contract requires a form page.

    * If the TOTAL (including indirects) proposed contract exceeds $700,000 for the entire period of performance, a Small Business Subcontracting Plan (SBSP) will need to be furnished. Please immediately contact Procurement before you build the budget to allow for maximum utilization of Small Businesses.  The SBSP will indicate how small businesses will be utilized in the acquisition of services and supplies within the proposed cost of work. Please remember that if this is accepted at the time of the proposal, this will become part of your contract. This obligation is binding, and it is expected that the SBSP will be adhered to throughout the project. This would be the obligation of the Principal Investigator and Business Office to oversee.