Incoming MTA: Do you want to receive materials?

When requesting research materials from an academic, not-for-profit, governmental institution, or a for-profit company, contact the providing scientist or institution to request the research material. The providing scientist or institution will decide if a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is required. If so, have the providing scientist or institution provide the MTA (preferably as a Word document via email). If they request a research plan, mark your research plan “Confidential.”

Due to increased volume and a current backlog, expect a turnaround time of approximately 2-3 weeks to execute standard MTAs. Complex MTAs (industry, foreign, etc.) that require negotiation may require 4-8 weeks to execute. We are diligently working on process improvements to minimize the turnaround time. For MTAs that have exceeded this expected turnaround time, please contact Jeff McGuinness,

NOTE: If you are requesting data, such as clinical data for research purposes, this should be done under a Data Use Agreement (DUA). Visit the DUA webpage.

  1. Complete and submit the Request for Incoming MTA form which will provide the initial background information the MTA team needs to review and evaluate the terms of the MTA.
  2. The MTA team will review the agreement and, if necessary, negotiate the terms with the provider. When the MTA terms are acceptable to Yale, we will ask you to read the MTA and to acknowledge your responsibilities and obligations.
  3. Yale’s authorized signatory will sign the MTA and a signed copy will be sent to the provider. When the agreement has all required signatures (fully executed), a PDF copy of the MTA will be emailed to you.