Procedure to Initiate OSP Review

  1. The DBO routes the Contract to OSP via IRES PD (refer to PD Quick Guide: Contract Routing).
  2. The DBO completes the Regulatory Form in PD.
  3. The DBO ensures the PD record includes the Regulatory form, budget, statement of work and the contract, if provided by the Sponsor, (as an editable Word document).
  4. The DBO and PI ensure that the PI has completed his/her annual Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure using the Faculty/Researcher form. Deficiency will result in a delay in OSP processing.  DBO should also verify that all key personnel have completed their annual Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure.  Deficiencies in these areas will delay OSP processing of the award.
  5. The OSP contract manager will contact the PI and the administrative contact if any of the essential documentation is missing or incomplete.