Effort Reporting

As a condition of receiving sponsored awards, the University must assure sponsors that the effort expended on their sponsored projects justifies the salary charged to those projects. Additionally, the University must assure sponsors that the commitment indicated in the proposal and subsequent award is met in accordance with the sponsor’s terms and conditions. The University provides this assurance by requiring periodic effort statements (Effort Certification Statements) for each individual whose salary is charged to one or more sponsored projects and/or cost sharing accounts during the effort reporting period or for an individual whose compensation is supported by an external Yale source (for example, Howard Hughes Medical Institute) and is devoting effort committed to a sponsored project. Completed effort statements indicate the percentages of the individual’s total effort that are dedicated to the sponsored project(s) and other University activities, and require a certification that the reported effort percentages are reasonable and accurate.

The Effort Certification teams reports to the Office of Research Compliance. The Effort Certification teams’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining which reporting periods need to be initiated and when initiation will occur
  • Generates ECSs for all departments
  • Notifies ECRs via e-mail when ECSs are ready for the certification process
  • Monitors overall completion for the University
  • Performs review to ensure data integrity
  • Supports the certification process
  • Escalates outstanding ECSs, as appropriate”

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Effort Reporting Policy/Procedure

1315 Effort Reporting: Certifying Effort on Sponsored Projects

1315 PR.04 Effort Reporting

1315 FR.01 Effort Report

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