Cash Management

As part of the financial administration team, the Cash Management Group of OSP manages the cash-related activities of Yale’s sponsored projects. Essential responsibilities include:
  • Process Letter-of-Credit (LOC) cash draws and web-based invoicing for Federal awards.
  • Prepare and file the quarterly Federal Financial Report (FFR) for the LOC awards, and perform funding, cash and expenditure reconciliations.
  • Process installment or cost reimbursement invoices for Non-Federal or Federal Pass-Through grants and contracts and act as the point of contact for billing inquiries.
  • Process receipts of sponsor payments and ensure they are credited to the correct award and invoice.
  • Track sponsored project receivables and initiate collection communication.
  • Reconcile sponsored project receivable and follow up on unbillable issues.

The goal of the Cash Management Group is to maintain appropriate leves of cash flow for Yale’s sponsored projects while ensuring financial compliance with Federal regulations, sponsor requirements, and University policies.

The Yale School of Medicine (YSM) Financial Operations Office is responsible for all non-federally funded clinical trials (44 Series) and all Veteran’s Administration IPA Contracts (W Range awards).

Billing and Payments

  • In general, sponsored-award invoices are generated on a monthly basis. For billing inquiries, please contact us.
  • For payments to the University via check, please read the information below for deposit instructions. 
  • For payments to the University via wire transfer, please contact our office for bank information.
  • Yale University’s Employee Identification Number is: 06-0646973. 

Payment Deposit Instructions

  • If sponsor payments are received by any University department for sponsored awards (excluding the W and 44 awards), please note the Yale Award # or IRES # on the check stub and hand-deliver the payment and any accompanying documents to one of the following locations, whichever is closer to you, for deposit:

    • YSM Treasury Services - 333 Cedar Street

    • University Treasury Services - 2 Whitney Avenue

    • Office of Sponsored Projects - 25 Science Park, 3rd Floor, 150 Munson Street

Please do not forward check via campus mail.