Cost Transfers

The shifting of previously incurred costs from one account to another, i.e. Cost Transfers, continue to be one of the top five audit risks for sponsored awards and are frequently cited in financial audits of Higher Education institutions across the nation.  This page provides a single location for all information related to cost transfers including links to policy and procedure documents, as well as checklists and training material.  The following list will assist preparers and approvers with the tools necessary to identify the elements critically important for their cost transfers submission and how to properly document and justify the transfer of an expense to a sponsored award.

October 2014 Brown Bag Presentation

Cost Transfer System Changes

Cost Transfer Review Checklist

Cost Transfer Checklist (Excel)

Cost Transfer Checklist (PDF)

Cost Transfer Policy/Procedure

1305 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects

1305 PR.02 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects

1305 FR.15 Manual Journal - Cost Transfer Justification

Step-by-step instructional guidance for Cost Transfers

1305 GD.01 Appendix: Instructional Guidance for Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Projects