Internal Awards

There are many opportunities for support within Yale University, which may include funding for:

  • Pilot and feasibility studies. 
  • Postdoctoral fellowships
  • Junior faculty career development
  • Use of imaging and other core facilities

Dates and links shown are for the most recent competitions. They will be updated as new information becomes available.

If you would like to update award information or add a new internal award to this list, please forward information to In addition, information on internal awards will be added to our Funding Opportunities Calendar and, if requested, an email announcement can be distributed broadly to the award’s target audience.

Open Opportunities

  • Prospective Yale University and University of Puerto Rico Developmental Center For AIDS Research (Yale-UPR D-CFAR) 2019 Pilot Project Grants
  • Yale Climate Change and Health Initiative Request for Proposals 2019
    The Yale Climate Change and Health Initiative seeks proposals for innovative pilot research projects focused on climate change and health. Potential research areas include, but are not limited to, health effects of heat waves; occupational heat stress; cardiovascular and respiratory health effects of climate change; interactions between climate change and air pollution; relationships between climate change and infectious or other environmentally-transmitted diseases; climate change and food insecurity; mental health effects of natural disasters; climate refugee health; social justice in relation to climate change and health; interplay between climate change and human exposure to chemical contaminants; health co-benefits of climate change mitigation; and adaptation strategies to minimize adverse health effects of climate change.
  • Quantitative Neuroscience with Magnetic Resonance (QNMR) Core Center at Yale – NIH: P30 NS052519
    Pilot Study Program for MR-Based Neuroscience Research in Small Animals
    Supports innovative, investigator-initiated, basic neuroscience research utilizing any of the Cores. Small grants providing resources for each of the Cores, including scanner time and staff support, may be awarded. The total award amount is dependent on the project. The QNMR Core Center will support new research projects but will not supplement ongoing studies or provide bridge funding. Priority is given to projects from junior independent scientists and/or projects describing collaborations between two (or more) investigators.
    There are no deadlines.

Closed Opportunities