Research Administrators Group (RAG)

As of June 2017, RAG (Research Administrators Group) meetings have been discontinued and replaced by the OSP Brown Bag for Research Administrator meetings. This webpage remains for reference only.  If you have any questions, please contact

The purpose of RAG meetings is to have representatives from OSP and Department Business Offices share important updates and changes to processes as it relates to the administration of sponsored projects.  As well, these sessions help to foster more collaborative efforts between our groups.

Resource information (links to presentations and agenda items) from previous sessions can be found below:

May-June 2017 Session

View the presentation: May-June Research Administrators Group (RAG) Meeting


  1. OSP Updates
    • Staff Changes
    • Reminders
  2. Proposal Management
    • Upcoming Deadlines
    • New approach for Non-S2S Applications in PD
  3. Export Controls Update
    • Update on OFAC Regulations
    • Department Business Office role in Export Controls
  4. Workday Financials
    • A Central Office View and What It Means to You
  5. Support Model
    • OSP Support Model
    • What to expect after 7/1
    • Award Demo
    • Cutover Plan
    • Other Impacts   
  6. Questions and Discussion

February 2017 Session

View the presentation:  Research Administrators Group (RAG) Meeting Feb_2017


  1. Welcome:  Introductions of New OSP Staff
  2. Award Management
    • Multi-PI Awards: NIH requirements for prior approval requests
    • Cost Sharing: Reporting to Sponsor
  3. Financial Management
    • Upcoming Audits
    • A-133 Prior approval requirements, Period of availability, State agency approval for re-budgeting
  4. CCTC: Campus Collaborative Training Committee Charter Overview
  5. Business Operations
    • Proper Use of OSP GCAT Mailboxes
    • Navigating OSP Website on It’s Your Yale

July 2015 Session

View the presentation:  Research Administrators Group (RAG) Meeting July_2015


  1. Introduction of New Staff
  2. Proposal/PD Update
  3. Proposal Metrics
  4. RPPR Transition
  5. Responsible Personnel Form
  6. Regulatory Form Reminders
  7. IRES PD/PT Maintenance
  8. Summer Award Setup Status and Reminders
  9. Award Metrics, Financial Management, General Reminders

April 2015 Session

View the presentation:  Research Administrators Group (RAG) Meeting April_2015


  1. Introduction of New Staff
  2. NIH Updates
  3. Revised Federal Agency Guidance
    • NSF/
    • Department of Energy Office of Science
    • Proposal Compliance Requirements
  4. Website Review
  5. Contracts
  6. Pre-Award Metrics