PD Quick Guides

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Quick Guide Contents

How Do I Navigate IRES?
  • Logging In and Navigation
  • PD Record Navigation
  • Searching for a Proposal
How Do I Create a PD Record?
  • Initiating a Proposal (S2S)
  • Initiating a Proposal (Non-S2S)
  • Creating a Child Record Proposal
  • Entering a Letter of Intent Proposal
  • Creating a Non-Competing Continuation Proposal
  • Submission Mechanism Screen Template Matrix
  • Understanding Parent/Master and Child Records
How Do I Create and Edit the Budget?
  • Entering Budget Costs
  • Entering a Modular Budget
  • Exporting Budgets
  • Budget Versioning
  • Entering Cost Sharing Costs
  • Entering a Subaward
  • Entering a Subproject
  • Adding and Academic (9/9) Appointment Type
  • Updating Fringe Benefit Rates
How Do I Upload Documents?
  • Uploading Internal Documents
  • Uploading Documents to an NIH Proposal
  • Naming Conventions
How Do I Submit and Certify a Record?
  • Finalizing and Submitting and S2S Proposal
  • Finalizing and Submitting a Non-S2S Proposal
  • Certifying a Proposal
  • Submitting a Changed/Corrected Proposal
How Do I Change the PI or Add Personnel Who Are Not on the Budget?
  • Adding Personnel
  • Understanding Personnel Types
  • Changing the PI
How Do I Change the Owning Department Org? 
  • Changing Proposal Departments