Subaward Monitoring and Management

Subaward Management Team

What We Do, Commitment Statement

The Subaward Management Team provides support to faculty and administrators for the negotiation, execution and monitoring of all outgoing subawards (both federal and non-federal) issued under grants and contracts managed by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).

Under the direction of the Associate Director of Subaward Management, the team’s responsibility is to provide outstanding support to faculty and the business offices that support them, as well as protect Yale from financial and compliance risk associated with subawards.

The Subaward Management Team (SMT) is staffed with Subaward Managers who draft and negotiate outgoing subaward agreements and amendments for the University under both federal and non-federal sponsored awards that are managed by OSP. Each agreement and amendment is carefully customized based on the prime award. The team engages with departments and Principal Investigators (PIs) to confirm budgets and verify compliance with invoicing and reporting requirements. Subaward Managers also assist with the negotiation of terms and conditions and work with domestic and foreign subrecipients to facilitate agreements that are compliant with Yale and sponsor policies. Agreements and amendments are closely monitored through the stages of execution and on an annual basis. Additionally, Subaward Managers may set up subaward grant lines and are responsible for setting up supplier contracts in the Workday system. On most subawards, they are the Administrative Contacts who receive a Subrecipient’s questions and prior approval requests throughout the life of the agreement.

The SMT’s Senior Financial Analyst coordinates monthly FFATA (Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act) reporting to the federal government and conducts quarterly desk reviews of randomly selected subawards and their corresponding financial records to ensure accuracy. On an annual basis, the Senior Financial Analyst also assists with monitoring active subrecipients by collecting and reviewing audit materials for assessment of financial status and internal controls.

Our team is committed to Yale’s collaborative efforts and will provide the research community with outstanding levels of customer service, timely responses, and value-added results. Yale’s mission and the needs of the faculty are at the forefront of all we do.

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