Subaward FAQs: Post Award

In Workday, run the “Find Subawards–Yale” report for your cost center.  This report can be run using many different parameters to obtain the precise population of subawards you are looking for. The search results form a listing of all subawards set up in the Workday accounting system based on the parameters you have selected. The report can be downloaded into Excel and further sorted or filtered to suit your needs.  Any department business office staff member whose responsibilities include the management of subawards (e.g. the review and payment of subaward invoices) should become familiar with this report.

A sample invoice is provided as part of all outgoing subaward agreements for submitting invoices to Yale University. Subrecipients are instructed to email invoices to As invoices are received electronically, subrecipients will receive an auto-response email as evidence the email with the attached invoice was received. Subaward invoices are received and recorded in Yale’s Accounts Payable system where they are assigned a Workday transaction number. They are then promptly routed to the Workday Inboxes of the department business office’s staff members and the PI with the appropriate designated Workday roles. Those with the appropriate Workday roles should review their Workday Inboxes regularly for subaward invoices to ensure a timely review and approval.

Subaward invoice transactions appearing in Workday Inboxes will have attached a PDF of the invoice. Invoice reviewers should review the invoice for a variety of things including compliance with the budget, including the correct charging of F&A, potentially unallowable costs, dates of cost incurrence, subaward reference numbers, cost overruns and accuracy. If the invoice passes this review, the department invoice reviewer should approve the invoice in Workday.

The P.I. will review the invoice for a variety of things as indicated in 1307 PR.01 Managing Subrecipient Activity Associated with Sponsored Programs Section 1: Processing Subrecipient Invoices. The P.I.’s (or delegate’s) approval of the invoice signifies that all deliverables are on track. If one or more of these areas are of concern, the PI should work with the business office staff to contact the subrecipient to make appropriate inquiries. If the invoice passes the P.I.’s review, the P.I. or delegate should approve the invoice by signing it either manually or electronically and notify the business office staff to release it for payment. The business office staff must scan in and upload the fully-approved invoice to the transaction.

If the subrecipient must be contacted regarding an invoice issue, all actions taken should be recorded and dated in Workday.

A Supplier Contract is a Workday tool that is used to pay subaward invoices that are associated with a specific Subaward Grant line in the grant set-up in the Workday system. During processing, the subaward invoice date is validated against the start and end dates of the Supplier Contract which means that the invoice can only be processed for payment if the date of the invoice is within the start and end dates of the Supplier Contract. It displays the current subaward awarded amount and the total dollar amount of all subaward invoices processed against the Supplier Contract, and it calculates and displays the subaward unexpended balance. The calculated unexpended balance is the Subaward Commitment.

These important pieces of information that appear in the Supplier Contract appear on the “Find Subawards–Yale” report. Please note that the Subaward Commitment that appears on the “Find Subawards–Yale” report and which may appear in other reports will be accurate only if the supplier contract number was used during the invoice processing and approval.  If the supplier contract number was not identified and used during the invoice review and approval process, the Supplier Contract balance will not be decremented appropriately and as a result, the unexpended balance will be incorrect.  For subaward invoices that are processed through the Accounts Payable system referencing the supplier contract, the unexpended balance of that subaward is decremented accordingly.  

As subaward funding increases are entered in the Workday system, and recorded in the related supplier contract for that subaward, the unexpended balance or commitment of that subaward is increased.

Uniform Guidance mandates that federally-supported subaward invoices must be paid within “30 calendar days after receipt of the billing, unless the.…pass-through entity reasonably believes the request to be improper.” Subaward invoices not supported by federal funds although not subject to the Uniform Guidance should still be reviewed and released for payment timely. Please refer to 1101 FR.01 Financial Review Checklist.

Invoice Monitoring

Department business office staff members should monitor invoices in progress for their Cost Center by running Workday report “Invoices in Progress by Cost Center–Yale”. The date field “Created On” on this report is the date the invoice was created in Workday and not the date the invoice was received by the University. This aging report like most Workday reports can be downloaded to Excel and further manipulated as needed. This report is intended to be a tool for DBOs so they can meet the 30 calendar day payment requirement of federally-backed subaward invoices.

Final Invoice

The department business office staff is responsible for ensuring that the final invoice is received in accordance with the fully-executed subaward agreement typically within 60 days of subaward expiration.  According to the terms and conditions of the subaward agreement, all final subaward invoices must be marked “FINAL”.

Please refer all subaward invoice Collections inquiries to: When collectors write to this email box they get an auto-response email that assigns a case number to their inquiry that can be referred to in subsequent communications with Shared Services. The Shared Services department is responsible for responding to all collection inquiries.