Mail, Delivery, & Storage

Administrative Mail

Managing Your Administrative and Campus Mail

Information about addressing your campus or first class mail can be found by clicking on the following links. It is important to properly address your campus mail envelopes and packages. For more information on proper addressing, our Junk Mail program or how to order inter-departmental envelopes, click on the links below.

Storage & Surplus

Store your items with Transport, Receiving & Storage (TR&S)

TR&S provides storage space for furniture, bulk supplies, equipment and files.

TR&S has over 240,000 square feet of warehouse space to provide the Yale community with safe, secure, orderly and economical storage space. This facility is located in building #750 at the Yale West Campus facility in West Haven, CT.


Courier Service can be used for on campus pick-up and delivery of small items on a pre-arranged basis or on call. Same day service is available for important items at a minimal fee. A slightly higher rate is charged for pick-up and delivery of items off campus in the greater New Haven area. Our Driver will assist you with your courier requirements.

Examples of items you might use Courier Service for: tapes, important data or documents, perishable items that must be somewhere at a specific time.