Staff members share the ways they 'give' during Thanksgiving

We asked staff members how they give particular meaning to the word “giving” during the Thanksgiving holiday. See their
answers below. The names of all participants will be entered into a random prize drawing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Name Department How do you put the ‘giving’ into Thanksgiving?
Vanessa Marie Travaglino Yale Medicine I show my family traditions from my families’ past. Giving back to our children what our familes gave to us. Love!
Preston Mock School of Drama The easiest way to give back is by making the choice to smile. Need help? Listen to the Mary Tyler Moore theme song.
Barbara Johnson Yale Cancer Center At the table, we pick a charity to donate our time to throughout the year. We meet so many wonderful people and learn so much.
Kari Coyle History of Art I’m making an effort to recognize those in our lives that we might walk past without ever saying hello or even thank you.
Lori Schroeder Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation I “give” all of myself that I possibly can to my beautiful children, my husband, and my family.
Taylor Currie Marketing and Communications, Office of Development I “give” my family members my undivided attention on Thanksgiving. I put my phone away and focus on creating lasting memories.
Gina Terkildsen OPHP My children and husband and I purchase and deliver food to our town’s food pantry.
Peter Schrader Geology and Geophysics Thanksgiving is “giving thanks”. By appreciating our own blessings, we are more likely to pass such blessings along to others.
Bastu Olowo-Oribi Yale Cancer Center, Clinical Trial Office Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for everything and making a difference in other people’s lives by giving joy.
Elaine Vivero Silliman College It’s not about the food….it’s about the people.  Savor the conversations you have with loved ones!
Alison Bonds Yale Stem Cell Center We give an American Thanksgiving dinner to students far from home, through OISS’s Thanksgiving at Home program.
Yashiema McClure Pediatric I put the giving into thanksgiving by being grateful for what I do have. I stop complaining. I help others and donate clothes.
Kimbery Pasko Internal Communications I give to a rescue farm, Lockets Meadow. They have 130+ animals, saved from abusive situations and it’s a wonderful place!
Karen Colburn Procurement We are donating to Yale’s “Schaller Family Leukemia Research Fund” in honor of my late stepdad, Barry Schaller (YC’60, YLS’63).
Robie-lyn Harnois EHS Have a desire to share part of yourself.
Geri Haddon Dermatology We offer people who don’t have anywhere to go, to come and enjoy the day with us.
Claire M. Bessinger (Van Graan) Communications To me, Thanksgiving is not just one day, but 365 days, and I use each day to help others in some way.
Lorraine F. Roseman Office of Student Affairs By sharing our home and bounty with family and friends and giving to those less fortunate throughout the year!
Darlene Smith Cowles Foundation Being appreciative of being able to celebrate this holiday with family and friends.
Robin Duncan-Smith PA Program By volunteering at a homeless shelter or donating food to my son’s school for families who are in need.
Barbara Corcoran Conference and Events - Yale Law School Mindful that I am blessed beyond belief, it’s my purpose to help others. This year, a package to Adopt-A-Family USVI.
Yolanda Jackson Neuroscience To me, giving is regardless of how much or little you have; you give from the heart to those less fortunate!
Judith Ahearn Surgery The week before Thanksgiving, I do a random act of kindness each day.
Susan P Brady Yale Divinity School Library (Susan P Brady) I help my Sunday School sponsor a toy/clothing drive for Operation Christmas Child. We packed 124 shoeboxes this year.
Leonard Gaudino Access Service By volunteering at church to serve food to the homeless and to give food at the food bank so others less fortunate can eat.
Joan Marie Hoffman School of Medicine - Office of Admissions Sharing and kindness are acts of ‘giving’.  Sharing is caring and giving is sharing.
Eric Traester Security I give thanks to my spouse, my family, and to Yale through small acts of service. I donate my time and goodwill daily!
Margaret Marcotte MacMillan Center Giving lies at the heart of living life daily—to share the blessings I’ve received so that others’ wellbeing may be improved.
Susan Chase Athletics I make a beautfiul dinner for my family and my mom that is exactly how she made it when we were little. We dance & laugh all day.
jessica howard yale cancer center My family always makes way too much food. So we donate all the leftovers to the local homeless shelter.
Lalani Perry Internal Communications I like to give the gift of time well spent with my family and to look for opportunities to spread holiday cheer!
Amy Fenner Urology Giving time to family and friends
Kimberly Streater Psychiatry By giving to the homeless with my children year round, it teaches my kids to appreciate coming together to enjoy the holidays.
Linda Young Yale School of Drama Give a smile, share a hug, give compliments, seek to share joy!
Elizabeth Olear Pediatrics I try to ‘give’ by making small differences in people’s every day lives—helping a colleague, offering a compliment, being kind.
Marybeth Bernacchia Yale Medicine, Collections Department I give my family and friends all my culinary and baking skills. I host 15-20 for my annual Thanksgiving feast.
Margaret Greene Department of Geology and Geophysics Sharing what I have unselfishly to put a smile on someone’s face. Learned behavior since I was young….
Nina Kadan-Lottick Pediatric Hematology-Oncology I give out care packages to the homeless with socks, underwear, and toiletries.
Bonnie Moeller Morse College By paying tribute to the Native Americans who inhabited this land before the Pilgrims arrived
Hyosuk Seo Radiology and biomedical imaging Forgiving and giving love
Ava Suntoke YCDO Pause for a moment when you get up in the morning, center yourself, and send thoughts of love and peace through the universe.
Marta Goldman Office of Development My daughter and I will put together a holiday gift for a girl her age who might not otherwise receive anything this year.
Uchenna Ogbejesi ITS By contributing to the food drive at my church so more people can enjoy the holiday with family, friends, and loved ones.
Quanda Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions Spending it with family and friends
Pamela Bloomfield Office of Student Affairs, Yale Divinity School I participate in giving and distributing food and clothing to the less fortunate, over 150 people.
Cordia Smart Child Study Center Create and give award snackpacks for college students & meal delivery for sick/elderly delivered on the day.