What staff members love about working at Yale

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we recently asked staff members to tell us what they love best about working at Yale. Take a moment to read what 163 of your colleagues have chosen to share (below). The name of each participant has been entered into a random prize drawing. Congratulations to these winners: Erin McAvoy, Chemistry; Mursal Nader, Immunobiology; and Co Campbell, Ophthalmology. They will be contacted shortly by email about their prizes.

Name Department What do you love most about working at Yale?
Kyle Higgins Yale School of Public Health, EIP-HPV-IMPACT The opportunity to keep learning and experiencing so many opportunities all over campus from Academic to Medical—workshops, speakers, diverse groups… never too old to learn!
Holly Ferriola Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology I love my department here at Yale! Coming into Yale and this department after being at a previous job for 25 years feels like home away from home! Great community!!!!
Donna Cropley Yale Development I love working at Yale for the wonderful benefits for my family, and at Development, there’s a sense of inclusion, respect and trust. It makes coming to work every day a joy. You are truly part of a team here.
Jennifer L. Defosses Yale Animal Resources Center/Veterinary Clinical Services The benefits
Kelly Campbell Yale School of Public Health, Dean’s Office I love all the opportunities available for my family.  My son dreamed of studying abroad and I was afraid we couldn’t afford it, but the Sons & Daughters Scholarship has allowed my son to have the well-rounded education I’ve always wanted to give him. His semester in Italy was such an important part of his college education. 
Amber Mott School of Medicine, Billing and Coding I love the sense of comradery at Yale—from the staff to the security guards. You can always count on passing someone who will greet you with a smile. 
Nicole DellaGioia Psychiatry The architecture and history!   
Michelle Cirello School of Management, MBA Admissions Department I love working at Yale for all the wonderful benefits that are offered!
Lou Rinaldi Finance Yale is a really beautiful place, if you get out there and explore your surroundings with a sense of wonder. You do not absorb all of the vibrancy when you drive from your garage at home to your garage at work. In the spring, I marvel at Hillhouse Avenue because there really isn’t anything like it. Hillhouse was described by famous authors Charles Dickens and Mark Twain as the most beautiful street in America.
Hillary Drumm Internal Medicine Flexibility
Janice Murphy-Wallace Yale Alumni Association Having worked here for over 25 years in multiple positions and areas within the university, it’s so nice to see someone you may have not seen in years. It may be a large university, but it truly feels like a family atmosphere.
Julia DiVincenzo Spanish & Portuguese I haven’t been at Yale very long…but I love and appreciate the constant support and enthusiasm from my colleagues, the beautiful buildings wherever I go, and the great community feeling.
Marilyn Serna Yale Maternal Fetal Medicine  I love that Yale is a place that fosters personal and professional growth through all of its limitless resources. Thanks to Yale I have discovered many skills that I did not know I had. It is a place that has been the catalyst to take my life to the next level. Thank you!
Joyce A Larkin Development, Major Gifts The aspect of working at Yale that I love most is the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people from such varied backgrounds with so many different interests. It is great to learn of their many talents and grow from interaction with them.
Marilyn Wilkes The MacMillan Center I have been at Yale for 17-and-a-half years as the Director of Communications at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale. What keeps me here (besides the awesome benefits!) is knowing that I play a small role in helping to promote the international research that our faculty does to address the more pressing problems in the world.
Krystal Ruiz Yale Diabetes Center I love the diversity and the opportunity to work with patients and doctors from all over the world.   
Grace Sexton Dermatology What I love most about working at Yale is the sense of team work around our workplace. Yale truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great.
Amaar Al-Hayder Yale MacMillan Center South Asian Studies Knowledge—you learn new things every day. You get exposed to a new culture. You meet new people.  And you make new friends!
Lani Colianna Political Science The amazing benefits and the chance to be a part of such a well respected institution. 
Lindsay Young Economics I love the benefits and insurance that it provides for my little family! Can’t beat it! Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Erin McAvoy Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science and Applied Math Program  Awesome architecture 
Kimberly Conner Yale School of Medicine, Office of Communications  I love that the same intellectual vitality that we celebrate and encourage in our students also extends to my daily work interactions. I love that every conversation with coworkers, faculty, staff, and leadership can spark new ideas and unique perspectives. 
Louisa de Cossy IT Help Desk The incredible benefits! Also I have met some of my closest friends while working at Yale.
Laura DeMonte Chemistry Department I love the faculty, students, and staff I get to meet! 
Rachel Glodo School of Music I love the rich intellectual and cultural environment that permeates every aspect of the university.  As a staff member, I am constantly stimulated and challenged by new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities!
Gloria Caprio Development Office, Alumni Fund So many interesting people come to campus to give talks and lectures. And as an employee, I oftentimes have the opportunity to participate in these interesting presentations.
Ann Greene Internal Medicine, National Clinician Scholars Program My team:  Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, Marjorie Rosenthal, MD, and Emily Wang, MD!
Thomas Saul Sterling Memorial Library, Technical Services I love working with my colleagues.
Elia Vollano Yale Medicine, Pre-Estimations  I would have to say, there are so many things I love about working at Yale. My top three things would be: #1. our great benefits, including healthcare, PTO and wages; #2. I love the networking and lifelong friendships I have made here in the last 20-plus years; #3. I am honored to work at such a prestigious institution that cares so much  about their employees, faculty, and patients.
Tanya Hindle School of Medicine, Coding and Billing My wonderful and supportive co-workers
Samantha James-Brown Clinical Trials Office, Hematology I love the benefits. 
Alina Nevins Office of International Students and Scholars The beautiful architecture!
John Laudano Facilities The lively energetic atmosphere, meeting new people all the time, and I have to mention all the support programs educational and medical. A clean working environment and being able to be right in the heart of New Haven where I grew up.   
Cecelia Smith Surgery Yale’s brand narrative is a story of lifelong learning. I love working with a community that cultivates curiosity and creativity. 
Tassoula Elisa Nicolaou-Jones


Facilities Operations What I love most about working at Yale, is how much the staff and patients appreciate the work I do. I’m the Custodial Team Leader at 55 Lock St., day shift. The first thing I do is vacuum the entry runners and I say good morning to staff and patients entering the building. addressing them by name and they address me by my name. I truly love that. I also love it when after I take a day off, how staff come up to me the next day and say, “You must have been off, I can tell when you’re not at work.” It’s a wonderful feeling to be so appreciated for the work I do. That’s what I love most about working at Yale! Staff can see, smell, and know when I’m not at work.
Tanya Colon Child Study Center  The ability to have “real” work-life balance in an atmosphere that supports family first. 
Mark Geist Yale Art Gallery My co-workers!
Cathy Orcutt Law School Having the community feeling in my department. Everyone here is valued for their individual skills and it is stressed that their work is important and vital to the department. When needed, everyone always lends a helping hand to others without complaining. We are a real team!
Lisa Zucaro Therapeutic Radiology I love my co-workers in our department—a great bunch of people. Makes coming to work each day a little bit easier.
Emily Gordon School of Management, Communications I love that everywhere I go, people are sharing ideas and spontaneously coming up with new ones. It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about-—it somehow turns into something that makes me think and want to make a difference. 
Dannika Avent Office of Development I love having so many amazing opportunities to learn, grow, and advance not only in my career, but in my well-being as an individual. Yale truly provides a community that embraces all aspects of self-development, self-improvement, values, motivators, language/ communication, and anchors. 
Terri Stenquist School of Medicine, Revenue Integrity and Analytics I have made a few great, supportive friends that I will treasure for a lifetime.
Katherine Buckman Comprehensive Cancer Center, Research I love the diversity. I love the openness and friendliness of the people who work at Yale.  It has been a very positive place to work.
Rosemarie Hansen Yale Shared Services, Accounts Payable I like working at Yale for many reasons: I make a decent paycheck considering I have no degree; I love that I have many benefits for days off, for personal, sick, vacation & bonus time (I’m grand-fathered in because of my length of service…40+ yrs), and I have  good retirement savings programs that I believe will sustain me when that time comes.
Deana Spadacenta Yale Medicine, Billing and Coding I love the network of people that has been created over my 20-year career here at Yale. No matter when I call on them or how long it has been since we talked, they are always willing to lend a helping hand to make my work life easier.
Martha Luther Gynecologic Oncology  The group of Yale University employees I am blessed to work with all have the same sense of pride in the caliber of work they perform. This is what makes Yale an amazing place to work and why I love coming to work each day!
Autumn DiAdamo Genetics I love knowing my work in a clinical lab has a significant impact on the patient populations we serve. 
Antonietta D’Addio School of Public Health In my short tenure here, I have an overwhelming appreciation for the spirit and pride of my fellow colleagues. It seems as though everyone here is thrilled to be here and wants only to do their level best. And I think that’s pretty awesome. We need to interact with each other in order to execute our own responsibilities.  When those interactions are met with can-do attitudes at every step of the way, my job becomes that much more enjoyable. Thank you Yale!
Lisa Hines Chemistry I love working with different departments and meeting such an amazing group of co-workers.
Sonia Roman Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center For all the great opportunities to grow; Yale University is a great place to work.
Lalani Perry Internal Communications I love the community at Yale. The people that I work with, and the beauty of the campus, make it a very special place to me.
Luisa Coraluzzi Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences I am a clinical research nurse coordinator.  I work on a wide variety of clinical studies that have helped shape new treatments and procedures, which have advanced the care of women’s reproductive health. What can be more exciting than that? 
Chloe Jones Oncology The diversity of employees, the BEAUTIFUL atmosphere (Cedar St, any season), the plethora of resources offered, the delicious food (food trucks or cafes), the generous benefits given (healthcare, PTO, paid Dec./Jan. winter vacation). I am typing this on the fly so I will probably have additions after I select the submit button, but this is what instinctively comes to mind when asked, “What do I love about working at Yale.”
Myra Nuton Yale Physicians Building  Supportive management team and the many different activities to be involved with that connect you as a community
Constance DeLottinville Pediatrics I love the caring staff at the health plan. They take such good care of all their patients.
Bianca Li Information Technology Services My coworkers are supportive.
Chenee Gallaher Human Resource, Staffing I love the Yale community and being able to network with faculty, staff, and students. 
Natasha Rentas Yale Law School, Information Society Project I love the sense of community that Yale provides, where colleagues are genuinely concerned with you as an individual both inside and outside of work. Yale takes care of the whole person. 
Tricia Neely Air Force ROTC I love working with this amazing cadre, but most of all I love working with the cadets. What an amazing group of students! I’m so proud of each and every one of them!
Erlyn Neri Neuroscience I love working most with faculty! Being able to play a small role in providing administrative support as they work on their discoveries is extremely rewarding! It’s one of the main reasons I remain in the business office. :) For Yale in general, we have EXCELLENT benefits! 
Katie Bussiere School of Management, Dean’s Office I love the commitment to mission among all of my colleagues and university leadership.
Geraldine Sullivan Human Resources Because we truly have the best colleagues in the world.  
Phyllis Ostuno  Facilities  Meeting students, faculty, and staff from all different cultures and learning from each other—our world becomes so much more beautiful and unique. 
Wanda Kelley-Jones Sterling Memorial Library, Retrievals Processor What I love most about working at Yale University is the diverse population of people. Each encounter brings such fascinating experiences. I can’t explain the fountain of history each person brings to the workplace. I am constantly learning about different cultures and finding new things about myself from the exposure of just saying, “Hi! How are you today?
Sreelatha Vankayala ITS, Campus Community Technology group  Love the Shuttle service from West Campus (can park and ride for free ) to New Haven. 
Deana Ralston Ophthalmology and Visual Science I love ALL the people I work with! They make coming to work every day so easy for me!!!!
Cindy Beardsley Ophthalmology  Yale promotes trust, rewards employees efforts, and ensures employees know their work is meaningful. I love coming to work knowing I work for a terrific place. 
Deborah Frawley Ophthalmology I am proud to be part of our team that cares so deeply for our patients and provides them with such skilled caregivers. I love how many people we help.
Suzanne Stringer School of Music It is where I met my husband of 38 years, Mike Stringer.
Karn McKane Yale Medicine  The benefits! 
Co Campbell Ophthalmology The knowledge
Jennifer Cinque Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness & Staff Development I love that at Yale each of us has a voice and that we are all encouraged to be innovative in support of the university’s mission and vision. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals in support of what Yale has stood for these last 300-plus years. Our intentions are aligned, and that’s a great feeling.
Joel Ball Yale Medicine Payment Processing The people, many are just like family!
Francesca D’Amato Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation I enjoy the people that I work with in my department at Yale and how diverse it is. Everyone is always so friendly and willing to help. There is a feeling of inclusiveness. Everyone is set up for success here. 
Krystal Augustine Psychology There is so much I love about working at Yale. I really look forward to the winter break. Being a parent with two children, I’ve never worked for a company that provided this benefit. It is very thoughtful. I enjoy spending the quality time with my children and family. I can relax and enjoy all the festivities. Thanks Yale!
Jessica Santora Pediatric Cardiology I love making children feel at ease and comfortable when they arrive for their doctor appointment scared and anxious. I love making our patients smile.  
Elizabeth Kitson-Arnold Yale University Art Gallery, Education I love working with my colleagues and all the opportunities for learning.
Yasmin Ramadan Library Access Services The benefits. 
Uma Shankar Office of International Students and Scholars I love the fact there are eclectic activities happening around campus everyday—so many opportunities to learn and grow. Sometimes I feel I have two enjoyable jobs: 8:30-5:00 at OISS, and then 5:00-9:30 around campus! In my job, I enjoy my interactions with the international faculty and also the international community activities happening at our space.
I am made to feel very alive in a vibrant Yale. So much to enjoy and so little time, really! Thrilled to be coming to work everyday!
Bethany Blewett Yale School of Public Health Prior to Yale, I worked with supervisors that were not sympathetic or understanding of the daily trials and tribulations faced by a single mother in the workforce. From the first day I started at Yale to the present, I’ve realized that I was working in a much more understanding environment. In my first few years, I was not able to afford childcare. My department chair offered me the ability to be home for my son when he returned from school by allowing me to leave at 2:00 p.m. and work the remainder of my day from home. The department chair was a working mother herself and it was wonderful to finally work for someone who knew exactly what I was going through. But it was not just the department chair, the generosity of all the faculty and my current supervisor has kept me here at Yale in the same department for nine years so far, and I have no intention of leaving. Being surrounded by people that are caring human beings has allowed me to flourish here at Yale and appreciate every day that I get to work in such an incredible place.
Leigh Clemens Yale School of Nursing, Clinical Support Unit  Having a supportive supervisor who encourages and empowers me to strive for a work-life balance that allows me to challenge myself to advance in the workplace and also be a hands-on mom
Amy Fenner Urology The great benefits 
Tonya Dewitt-Clark Cardiology, Advance Heart Failure I love the the way that Yale provides resources in every way for their staff/family and it makes every day life much better having great resources at hand.
Maritza Velez Yale Medicine, Clinical Operations Walking every morning into a friendly working environment full of happy employees—Even if you can’t remember their names, there is always a “Hello” and “How are you?”
Kim Miller ITS, Web Technologies  The people!!!! Yale has the most amazing people. The people that I work with in my group and across the university are helpful and really care about doing what’s best for Yale.  Everyone I’ve reached out to has been more than willing to help me, even if it wasn’t their job! The camaraderie and support I’ve encountered here at Yale greatly exceeds any other work environment I’ve experienced in my 30+ years of working.  
Kim Nicefaro Psychology The thing I love most about working at Yale is the benefits. I only work 20 hours a week, but continue to have benefits for myself and for my family.
Mursal Nader Immunobiology  Encounters and conversations with the brilliant, yet friendly people at Yale 
Catherine Marganski Internal Medicine, School of Medicine I love being a part of Yale. I was self-employed for 23 years before I joined Yale, and I immediately felt a sense of belonging. This was something that I did not have being self-employed and truly appreciate now. 
Antonietta D’Addio School of Public Health, Epidemiology I love taking in the architecture! And I can’t wait to learn more about it and the significance of the architecture to the institution. It’s like no other!
Susannah Wilson School of Art I love most that after work in nicer months, I can play the 18-hole, Macdonald/Raynor designed masterpiece that is Yale’s golf course. Nowhere else!
Michael Moccio Department of Lab Medicine I love the diversity at Yale. There are so many cultures, levels of intelligence, personalities, people, and so on. Each day you can learn something new about the university, your peers and colleagues, and even about yourself. 
Charlene Bloch Yale Alzheimer’s Disease Center Aside from feeling like I’m making a meaningful contribution, I’m absolutely one of the lucky ones who has not only great co-workers and program faculty, but also the absolute best boss!
Tarrah Knowlton Faculty Research Management Services I like the team atmosphere and the collaboration here at Yale. You feel like you belong instead of being an outsider.
Racquel Miller Applied Physics Quantum Institute Teamwork, benefits, flexibility, work-life friendly!
Chris Fuller School of Law Our diverse group of coworkers and colleagues 
Gungeet Kaur The Office of Sponsors Project I have endless reasons to love my job at YALE.I love my job because of the people. Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other. I loved all the breakfast gatherings with the OSP department before the holiday break. Everyone is so kind and helps me reach my goals in life. I am also very glad to have the best supervisor ever—Ericka Kudrath, who considers me a “Mini Her.” I love our bond together.
Reese McLeod Cardiovascular Medicine I love having a voice. My Manager Ann Sousa listens to my ideas, and we work together as a team to make them happen. We both support each other and work together to offer formative and creative feedback and then make our ideas a reality. I love being appreciated and listened to; it keeps me motivated.
Emily Cifarelli Surgery Bariatric Minimally Invasive Surgery Working at Yale has not only pushed me to go back to school and work on getting a degree, thanks to the tuition reimbursement program, but it has also made me gain many great friendships that will last a lifetime. 
Rachelle Ianniello HR Operations I love working at Yale because I feel like I am part of a big family. I am inspired by the people I work with each day! 
Fallon Thomas Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation I love working at Yale because of its opportunities for growth, support of employees through affinity groups, wellness initiatives, and recognition of employees within and outside the Yale community.
Renee Kamauf Physician Assistant Online Program I love the intellectual opportunities available to us as staff. It helps me to learn more about the community, research, and the world. 
Allison Abbott Ophthalmology I love working in a dynamic learning facility. Our department is growing and upgrading equipment and resources. As a working mother, Yale’s benefits have given me flexibility to take care of my family financially and personally when needed. I am very grateful to have our generous medical benefits.
Sandra Pariseau Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

What I enjoy most about working here at Yale is the community within the department that I work in. My department not only operates as a team to complete tasks, but it also supports and celebrates together like a family—all the way from the administrative staff to the faculty and Chair of the department for a greater purpose. That is irreplaceable.

Elizabeth Eocaci-Tucker Biostatistics I love the benefits that Yale University provides.
AmberJean Hansen Yale School of Public Health What I love is that Yale provides so many opportunities to continue to learn and develop my career. I also love my colleagues at Yale. They are incredibly supportive and open, offering insight and expertise across all disciplines. 
Lynn Bouffard Anesthesiology I have been here at Yale for 32 years. I have always enjoyed working here.  I have received so many benefits, college tuition for my child, healthcare, vacation, and so much more. Yale is truly an wonderful place to work.
David de la Cruz Internal Medicine, Cardiology The friends I have made!
Erika Lake-Thomas Yale University Press (YUP) What I love most is the YUP office culture and location of my workplace, as well as the great health benefits! My family and I are covered (which is particularly great when you have a very small child) and all the doctors are conveniently located in the same complex. I’m fairly new, but this is, by far, the nicest place I’ve worked in terms of environment and minimizing of expenses. I hope this continues or only gets better!
Kathy Katella-Cofrancesco School of Medicine, Office of Communications This may seem like a small thing, but I absolutely love the Yale Library system. I order a book; it’s usually available the next day, and I can check it out for an unusually long period of time. And Sterling is a gorgeous library-—who wouldn’t want to walk in there to pick up a book!
Nick Disantis Council on East Asian Studies Working with scholars at all levels of their careers—from undergraduate and graduate students to postdocs, junior and senior faculty. I love hearing about the research/projects/courses they are passionate about. It makes for a very engaging work experience.
Connie Rinaldi HIPAA Privacy Office I love working in the rich social environment that Yale offers. In addition to helping provide outstanding service to our patients, we all have the opportunity to learn and grow in our careers and personal lives by being a part of this wonderful culture.
Laurene Goode-Gade School of Medicine, Breast Medical Oncology I work with the most genuine group of faculty. They demonstrate a sincere sense of caring for their staff and patients. They always express their appreciation and who wouldn’t love that?
Richard Sosa Council on East Asian Studies I love the buildings and grounds at Yale. It’s a pleasure to walk to work each morning amidst beautiful architecture and scenery. 
Marcy Kaufman History I love working with graduate students. They are terrific people and I enjoy my interactions with them tremendously.
Terri Stenquist Revenue Integrity and Analytics Working at Yale has allowed me to provide financially for my family and afford a quality education for my two sons.
Shanice Saez Yale Heart and Vascular Center The things I love the most about working at Yale are: my supervisor treats us very well; I love having sick and vacation time so I can be with my family when needed; and I love the fact that we have tuition reimbursement because it helps so much! Thank you Yale University for having me for 8 years now!
Jessica Chow Ophthalmology My colleagues
April Lynch School of Medicine, Central Business Office I appreciate the people-centric work environment. I am always seeing an email about what is going on around campus. I enjoy the health tips and the programs available to encourage wellness and mindfulness. In the CBO there are frequent activities to engage us and increase camaraderie. (Souper Bowl!!) Thank you for all you do for your employees! 
Melissa Debies-Carl Facilities You meet the nicest people here, which makes working here so much fun. 
Cathy Barabas Physics What I love most about working at Yale is our campus! There’s beauty and creativity all around. You can see it in the buildings, the sculptures, the plants, and the people!
Jennifer Savinelli Yale Medicine, Credentialing I love the people that I work with. They are like my extended family and make coming to work every day enjoyable. I feel truly blessed to be able to say that.  
Sandra Augustitus School of Medicine I love Handsome Dan!
Janet Liscio School of Art The job opportunities, and ability to advance in our careers, flex hours, facilities.
Sehrish Mustafa Department of Music I love how people are so nice with each other and it just feels like I have a Yale family in this department.
Emily Hau Yale Institute for Network Science The surprise and delight of collaboration across disciplines. 
Vanessa Marie Travaglino Yale Medicine First, I love working for such a prestigious university. Second, I love the benefits. Third, It’s special saying you work for Yale University. Thank you, Vanessa.
Laura Lidsky Clinical Operations What I love most about working at Yale is the many opportunities to get involved with outside communities and charities. I love that Yale loves to help!!! 
Tonya Daniels Internal Medicine I love the benefits package, especially the medical and dental. The time off and pay is also a plus.
Ami Potter Yale University Art Gallery There is never a dull moment when working at Yale. Every day you learn something new, meet someone interesting, or do something challenging. It makes for a rich and varied work experience. 
Diane Chandler  Human Resources, Welcome Center  The benefits. 
Maha Taha-Furst Department of Surgery, Transplant The benefits. And pay. And employee morale. What’s there to not love about this place?
Maegan Genovese Psychiatry I love working with knowledgeable and compassionate people who really care about their work and want to make positive changes for the children of this earth.  
Susan Quatrano Psychiatry Simple: I now get paid for the constant learning and opportunities I’ve craved now that I’m done with my education.
Annette Komlo Yale Cancer Center, Clinical Trials Office Working on a team with great doctors (like Dr. Gettinger) who really care about their patients and go above and beyond in their care.
Jaime Tryon Information Technology Services I love the people! I work with an amazing team of talented, fun people. 
Susan Elizabeth Burdick Yale Divinity Library People, people and people. I love working with the students who come from all over the world! I love working with the faculty who are amazing and are so appreciative of what you do for them. I love working with wonderful colleagues who together get things accomplished! I love the researchers who come from all countries and are amazed at what we have to help them in their work. Coming to work every day is exciting, interesting, and rewarding.
Jalil Charles Cellular & Molecular Physiology The people that you meet here and interact with every day.
Ann Sousa Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine The staff that works with me. I am so grateful to work with a caring, professional, and dedicated team.  
Tammy Stalmack Pathology After 25 years, what I love most about working at Yale is that it has never stopped surprising me with new things-—a new building to explore, a new art exhibit, lecture, scientific discoveries, entrepreneur developments, and the everyday people I interact with. It’s been a wild ride!
Edwin Baez  Gibbs Machine Shop  I have more then one thing, but my favorite is the walks at lunchtime through campus— the beauty of the architecture, the kids from all over the world together as one walking to class. It’s just amazing to see. I’ve been here a little over a year and I still walk around taking pictures like its my first day. It will never get old to me.  
Kimberly Streater Psychiatry I love the environment at Yale, my amazing co-workers, and my even more amazing Boss. The trainings through working women’s network I find very rewarding and empowering as well.
Jenn Nolte Sterling Memorial Library, Assessment & User Experience Research My talented, hardworking, crazy-smart, and diverse colleagues who teach me new things daily. 
Jennifer Boria  Yale Dermatopathology  What I love most about working at Yale is meeting new people and working as a team in my department. 
Michele Potter Best Practices Meeting so many amazing people from all walks of life; each having a valuable asset to contribute. Some clearly evident, some still waiting to be discovered.  
Dismayra Martinez Yale Center for Clinical Investigation There are many things I love about working at Yale. One of my top reasons is the comradery within my department. We are not only a community at work, but  we also support each other on a personal level. 
Catherine Laiacone Psychiatry I love knowing that Yale is an employer who is not only interested in a great performance in my work, but also cares about my health and my future after leaving Yale. The benefits are amazing and I feel so fortunate to be part of a university that takes pride in all aspects across the board, not just a great education.  
Sivan Venugopal Information Technology Library Great team
Ruth Carruth Beinecke Library I really love my job! I love the variety of materials I work with, my colleagues, and how supportive they are, and the ability to grow here.
Michele Richardson Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness & Staff Development I love the caring and committed people I encounter every day. Bonus points for the many intellectually stimulating events and activities to engage in on campus!
Cordia Smart Faculty Research Management Services I love the diversity of experiences and growth opportunities available at the university professionally and personally. I love that Yale tries, and for the most part succeeds, at valuing its employees as people, encouraging a healthly work-life balance. Having worked on the Medical Campus and now on Central Campus, I can truly say this is a great place to work, especially for full-time working mothers! I love the opportunities I have and the potential for growth here at Yale.
Nora Colon Therapeutic Radiology I love the people, and we work together to meet our goals. I love the culture— inclusion and acceptance is key to providing compassionate services and respecting each other.  
Sarah Kubek Pediatrics, now IEP The community support and the number of community activities. Activities outside of the office with your coworkers allows deeper relationships to be built as well as networking. 
Emily Codling School of Management, MBA for Executives I love the support. Yale cares about your personal and professional development. Teams and departments care about you. Yale is invested in me, which makes me love investing my time at Yale.
Alejandra Rodriguez Information Technology Services What I like about working at Yale is the opportunity to continue growing and the resources available for young professionals, such as the affinity group FLY. I have been able to network and develop new skills as part of this affinity group.  
Abigail Storch Yale University Press I love that I get to participate in the critical work of shaping academic disciplines by publishing important texts.
Shakeira Sarmiento Pediatrics, Specialty Call Center What I love the most about working at Yale, is providing the best care for our pediatric patients. 
Bernie Staggers Imaging Services Who you have the opportunity to meet and exchange greetings with, the paths that we get to cross that include staff, students, faculty, families, visitors, scholars, from all over the world, and some  right here in our backyard. The personal stories and chance meetings with many of these lives have been heart warming, personally enriching, and diversely fascinating.
Stephanie Gosteli Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development My colleagues!  What a fabulous group of smart, motivated, and motivating people! I love coming to work each day!
Hong Chau, MPH Internal Medicine, Section of Digestive Diseases Yale offers great holiday, vacation, sick, and medical benefits! The staff within our department truly cares for one another and their well-being!
Angela Consorte Internal Medicine Yale has been my only employer for 43 years now. Yale offers extremely generous benefits and resources for employees.  This combined with outstanding PTO, holidays, and leave policies makes Yale unique. I personally am grateful for the many resources I have benefited from to date, and those yet to come.
Shainn Reaves School of Drama, Business Office I love working for Yale School of Drama because of my co-workers. I deal with the business office crew daily and it is great coming to work knowing that we work as a team; we look out for one another; and have a relationship where we can talk openly about issues (positive or negative), and enjoy one another’s company. My other co-workers, the senior administrators at large, are the best. We can reach out to each other for support and help and will always find a solution to the issue. My business manager and directors are also the best. They are supportive, personable, and provide guidance to assist me with obtaining the best possible results. They have a way of communicating with me that is uplifting and rewarding. If I make a mistake, it becomes a teachable moment and not a browbeating session. They set the bar high, causing a work environment for success. It is a joy coming to work even when the workload is heavy and it seems as if there is not a light at the end of the tunnel.