Yale Advantages Discount Program

Yale Advantages is an employee discount program that provides eligible faculty and staff members with the opportunity to save on a variety of services and purchases. Discover offers and discounts on travel, Broadway theater tickets, sports and outdoors, cellphones, computers, buying a car and so much more. If you are about to make a purchase–large or small–visit Yale Advantages for potential savings.

Through the Yale Advantages program, I saved about $2,500 on my auto insurance for the same coverage I had in the prior year— and I saved around $800 on home insurance for better coverage! I am very happy to be a member of the Yale community where the University continues to provide me with significant benefits and innovative savings. –Arun Darwar, ITS Manager

Access Yale Advantages Discounts

Below are two ways to browse the full list of discounts:


  • Click on Workday
  • Click on the Benefits and Pay Hub, go to Benefit Links and select Yale Advantages Discounts under Financial Wellness.

To speak to a Yale Advantages Consumer Advisor, call 866-396-5483. Get started saving today!

Note: Your participation in the services and discount programs offered here is completely voluntary. Yale University neither promotes nor endorses one product over another.