Estate Planning and Life Insurance

As part of your Yale benefits, Yale’s Counseling & Support Services with Magellan provides Yale faculty and staff with access to financial and legal services and documents that can assist in estate planning, wills, living wills, and more.

For assistance, call 1-800-327-9240 or visit MagellanHealth:

  1. Click on “New or unregistered user” in the “Member Sign In” box on the right side of your screen.
  2. In the designated box on the next page, enter “800-327-9240” as the program or plan toll-free number. Click “Continue.”
  3. Select “Yale Counseling and Support Services” and click “Continue.”
  4. On the next page, you can either register by completing the required fields, or you can click “Continue Unregistered” to access information on the website.


A trust is an arrangement in which you transfer property to a second person for the benefit of a third person. The person creating the trust is called the “grantor.” The person holding legal title to the trust property is the “trustee.” The person to whose benefit the trust is created is the “beneficiary.” All three of the people-the grantor, trustee and beneficiary-can be the same person. Living trusts are one important tool in distributing your property upon death. Learn more.


Having a will enables you to control where your property-both personal and real estate-goes after your death. Without out a will, your property will go to people based on your state’s priority laws.

A will is just one tool that can be used to distribute your property upon death. Learn more.

Living Wills

A living will is one form of an “advance directive,” meaning you are telling your loved ones and others in advance how you wish to be treated in the event of a terminal or life-threatening illness. They are recognized in all 50 states. Learn more.

Life Insurance

Yale University provides access to basic term life insurance to eligible faculty and staff members. Visit the Benefits Toolbox to learn more about the life insurance program available to you.


To elect or update your beneficiaries, visit Workday. This can be completed at anytime during the year.