Yale Advantages Discount Program

Yale Advantages is an employee discount program that gives eligible staff members the chance to save money on many day-to-day goods and services. If you are about to make a purchase—large or small—start hunting for a bargain at Yale Advantages before you buy.

How to locate Yale Advantages discounts
To get started saving today, browse the full list of discounts – here’s how: 

To speak to a Yale Advantages Consumer Advisor, call 866-396-5483. 

Note: Your participation in the services and discount programs offered here is completely voluntary. Yale University neither promotes nor endorses one product over another.

“Through the Yale Advantages program, I saved about $2,500 on my auto insurance for the same coverage I had in the prior year; and, I saved around $800 on home insurance for better coverage! I am very happy to be a member of the Yale community where the University continues to provide me with significant benefits and innovative savings.”

- Arun Darwar, ITS Manager