Human Resources Generalists

For general information about your benefits, payroll or employee profile, call Yale’s new Employee Service Center at 203-432-5552, or visit 221 Whitney Avenue. Yale Human Resources (HR) professionals are there to answer your questions! For more information, visit Employee Services.

As Yale responds to the dynamic opportunities presented by a global environment and the challenges of new technology, it requires highly skilled staff members, who are able to change direction quickly, and respond to evolving departmental business needs.

Your Human Resources (HR) Generalist plays a key role in helping your department achieve its objectives in support of the University’s mission. As a one-stop-contact, your HR Generalist is your strategic business partner and provides guidance regarding HR policy and administration, employee relations, and managing change within your department. For further details on how your HR Generalist can partner with you, see below. See the Human Resources Generalists Directory.

Strategic Business Partner

The HR Generalist helps departments to create a work environment, which motivates and inspires people to contribute at a high level and experience job satisfaction. As a strategic business partner, the HR Generalist:

  • Collaborates with departments to address currrent and future hiring needs and to ensure that staffing plans achieve and maintain diverse staff representation.
  • Develops and updates new and existing department position descriptions.
  • Assists in creating and sustaining a collaborative labor-management environment.
  • Provides guidance to managers on various compensation issues.
  • Helps departments develop current staff members’ capacity for growth and change throughout the employment cycle.
  • Assists units in implementing FOCUS, Yale’s performance management program.

HR Policy and Administration

Provides guidance in interpreting and applying policy, procedures, union contractual obligations, and employment law to a variety of employment situations. The HR Generalist works collaboratively with management and staff to:

  • Manage leaves of absence in compliance with FMLA, ADA and contractual standards.
  • Establish special accommodations for existing staff members.
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal employment laws; process CHRO, EEOC and FLSA complaints.
  • Conduct due dilligence with regard to departmental restructuring and reviewing requests for layoffs.
  • Make referrals to Benefits specialists (retirement and health and welfare) as needed.

Employee Relations

Fosters effective methods of goal setting, communication and empowerment. Your HR Generalist:

  • Acts as liaison for skills training and career development.
  • Promotes communication between managers and employees.
  • Suggests various approaches to solving people-management problems.
  • Assists in making referrals to the employee assistance program.

Managing Change

Knows how to link change strategies to the business needs and academic goals of the University, to increase employee satisfaction and to minimize resistance to change. Your HR Generalist:

  • Provides expertise in all aspects of human resource strategy and people-management to units across the campus.
  • Assists in developing high-functioning teams.
  • Supports two-way communication among all members of a department in times of change.