Aetna Global

The Aetna Global Plan is a medical program offered to University faculty and staff members on a foreign work assignment consisting of a minimum of six (6) consecutive months.

For care in the United States, Aetna Global Plan members have access to the Aetna Open Choice PPO* network. The plan is completely portable. This means you have coverage whether you are at home, on an international assignment, or anywhere in between. For more details, please review the 2021 Aetna global plan summary

*PPO Plan: Covers trailing dependents in the US, and the employee traveling back to the United States for healthcare services.  Built on Aetna’s PPO platform, no referrals, no pre-existing conditions clause, and larger discounts with U.S. providers.

International network:  Healthcare services received outside of the US for employees and dependents receiving healthcare outside of the United States.  Quality of care is of locally compliant standard, discounted direct settlement services compared to ‘pay and claim’, and partners with regionally well-known brand names.

Please note – Certain services are available at the Yale Health center and subject to out-of-network cost share requirements. 

Upon return to the United States from an overseas assignment the employee, or the department, must contact the ESC for assistance with reelecting a domestic medical program.  This must be done within thirty (30) days of the employee’s return.

Note:  Dental insurance is not part of the Aetna Global Plan; it is a separate benefit election

To find your Aetna Global Plan contribution amount, please visit the M&P/Faculty Benefits Contribution Calculator in the Benefits Toolbox and refer to the monthly health costs for Yale Health.

For Aetna Global Plan information regarding coverage, claims and emergency assistance, please contact the Aetna International Service Center, as follows:

Aetna International Service Center (24-hour, 365 days)

Telephone: Toll-free:  800-231-7729, Direct or Collect (Reverse charges):  +1-813-775-0190, TDD (hearing impaired):  800-325-6273

Facsimile: Toll-free:  800-475-8751, Direct (Reverse charges):  +1-859-425-3363