Ovia Health for Families

Yale’s Ovia Health maternity and family benefits provides managerial and professional staff with support through some of life’s biggest transitions: starting a family, navigating pregnancy, and balancing life as a working parent. Ovia Health apps offer a wealth of information right when you need it – right at your fingertips. 

Navigate Your Parenthood Journey through Ovia Health Apps
The perfect complement to your clinician and pediatrician, eligible staff members have access to expert content and tips, personalized health insights, and unlimited on-demand health coaching with registered nurses (RN) throughout their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journey.

With each Ovia Health app, you have access to:

  • Daily personalized articles and tips to help you achieve your goals
  • Unlimited in-app messaging and telephonic coaching with a registered nurse (RN) health coach
  • Instant analysis and personalized insights on your health data
  • A library of Yale benefits most relevant to you during these important stages of life

Please note: Currently, Ovia Health is available only to Yale’s managerial and professional staff members.

Access for Fathers, Partners and Grandparents 
Fathers, partners, and grandparents can also access expert guidance and tips to help them feel prepared and supported throughout these important moments with Ovia Health apps.

Expanding the path to parenthood
Ovia Health includes programs for adoption and surrogacy — guiding you through all the challenges and opportunities on the path to parenthood. If you’re considering or pursuing adoption or surrogacy, enroll in Ovia Health for support and guidance throughout your journey. 

Get started with Ovia Health 
Preview the Ovia Health videos to learn more about the benefits.

  • Ovia Fertility: women can learn more about their health & fertility with cycle tracking, expert research and tips, personalized insights, and unlimited health coaching.
  • Ovia Pregnancy: Watch your baby grow, track your health & progress, and talk to a health coach for support through every pregnancy milestone.
  • Ovia Parenting: Track newborn and infant health, navigate your child’s early years (up to age 4), and receive age-specific tips and advice from your health coach.

Download the Ovia Health app that’s right for you
Ovia Health apps are available from Apple App Store and Google Play. Download the apps directly to your mobile phone and follow the steps below to activate your account:

  1. Select ‘Try it now’ and complete your profile.
  2. Enter ‘Yale Health’ or ‘Aetna’ as your Health Plan so you can access Yale-specific benefit information.
  3. Enter ‘Yale University’ as your employer.

You will receive a welcome email from Ovia Health that outlines valuable features of the app and confirms your account activation.

Ovia Health apps complement Yale’s array of family-friendly benefits, such as: adoption assistance, educational scholarship and assistance programs, Home Buyer ProgramWorklife Signature Benefits including back-up child and adult/elder care, childhood development support—and more.