Work-Life and Childcare

Yale’s Work-Life programs (see below or call 203-432-8069) are an integral part of the university’s efforts to help faculty and staff balance the multiple responsibilities associated with work, academic, and personal life.

The university is deeply committed to developing responsive work environments that support obligations to home and community as well as changes that accompany various life events.

Child Care and Parenting

Learn more about programs and resources for child care, back-up care, parenting, and lactation for all members of the university community.


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This section highlights the benefits and resources available to Yale employees as well as links to local, state, and federal programs.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Image of a mom standing on a scale with her son showing how to balance work and life at Yale

Yale recognizes that flexible work arrangements offer creative approaches to meeting the university’s operational needs while promoting balance between work and personal life for its staff.

Workshops and Events

A variety of workshops and programs on work-life topics, offered across campus, are open to all members of the Yale community.

Employer of Choice Awards

For the sixth year in a row, Yale has been selected by Working Mother magazine as one of the “100 Best Companies” in the nation for working mothers. Read about this award and more.