My Personal Assistant

With a goal of helping to balance the work/life needs of eligible members Yale community, this service helps you access personal planners who provide full-service assistance, including booking reservations, scheduling appointments, and conducting transactions on your behalf—saving you time and stress!

A specialist will help assess your needs and research options available based on your requirements. They can make reservations or schedule appointments and will make purchases or conduct transactions on behalf of you.

This service is available for Yale University Faculty, Managerial and Professional staff, and Post-Doctoral Associates.

How can My Personal Assistant help me? 

My Personal Assistant Service can assist with or even conduct many of the personal needs you may have including:

  • Travel and entertainment reservations—A specialist can make your reservations for you. If you need a reservation with a hotel, car rental, restaurants, sporting events, concerts or any other events, let the My Personal Assistant Service do this for you.
  • Delivery services—Use the specialist to schedule delivery services such as groceries, dry cleaning and other services to your home, office or wherever you are.
  • Gifts and shopping—Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day. A specialist can become your personal shopper helping you with birthday gifts, flower orders, and other hard-to-find gifts.
  • Home services—A specialist can schedule house sitting services, cleaning services, landscaping services, meal deliveries and other services to help with the responsibilities at home.

My Personal Assistant is offered to you every day at any time you need them. Whether you are traveling, vacationing or working longer hours, a specialist is a phone call away and ready to help schedule and deliver on the things you need to do but simply don’t have the time to do so.

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To access this benefit, visit My Personal Assistant.