Childhood Development Support

Support for Developmental Disabilities

Childhood Development Support, provided through Rethink, an award-winning web-based program, supports caregivers like you raising children with learning challenges, behavior issues, and developmental disabilities.

This service is available for Yale University Faculty, Managerial and Professional staff, and Postdoctoral Associates.

Features and Resources

  • Online engagement community for families and caregivers
  • Behavior experts available around-the-clock for phone or live virtual consultations
  • Over 1,500 videos about language, socialization, self-help, academics, and more
  • Printable materials such as flashcards, worksheets, schedule templates, and token boards
  • Customized learning plans based on your child’s individual needs

Additional Resources for COVID-19

How to Get Started

Call 1-800-714-9285, email, or visit the rethink website to enroll (use code: YaleRethink)

You can then schedule a consultation with a behavior expert to create an individualized plan for your child. Behavior experts can answer questions and provide guidance, helping your children reach their top potential.

When you and your family members need assistance, reach out anytime and we will help get you on the right path to meet your needs.