Business Update News from 07/2018

Make It So Returns July 16 – Revised for the New Chart of Accounts

July 18, 2018

Make It So (MIS) went live, July 16, 2018. MIS is a standalone application which takes the work you’ve completed in the Yale Budgeting Tool (YBT) labor plan and pushes it to Workday Costing Allocations. In the past, MIS was used similarly to push labor schedules to Oracle.

The basic...

Update on Workday Account Holder Report by Person

July 18, 2018

The first scheduled event during the year-end period ran this past weekend. The issue affecting the calculation of balances on non-grant reports has been resolved.

The roll-forward of commitments/obligations has been completed. Payroll obligations have been recorded for FY19 for all funding...

Inaccurate Balance Calculations on Workday AHR Non-grant Reports

July 11, 2018

There is currently an issue with the non-grant Monthly Account Summary Report when it is run for Fund Balances. This report is part of the Workday Account Holder Report package. Read more.

The report currently displays the FY18 beginning balance, plus activity for Fiscal Year 2018....

Merit Business Process Now Open in Workday

July 11, 2018

The merit business process in Workday launched July 9. Please collaborate with your respective Vice President, Business Operations or Executive Sponsor to develop and communicate a schedule and process that works for each of your areas of responsibility, while keeping the following deadlines in...

New Report: Indirect Costs Reconciliation – Yale - NOT IN PRODUCTION

July 11, 2018


The new Workday report, Indirect Costs Reconciliation – Yale, identifies at-a-glance the effective Facilities & Administrative (F&A) cost rate for each Spend Category used on an Award. For best results, users should run...

Policy Updates as of July 11, 2018

July 11, 2018

The following draft documents are now available for review and comment, and are posted on the Policies & Procedures Drafts Site . The review process included discussions with the process owners and end users...

Organizational Announcement

July 11, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce an organizational change intended to improve the service that we provide to academic units, drive initiatives that will build on the implementation of Workday Financials, and, longer term, enhance overall operational excellence.