Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions about off campus living are answered here.  If you still have questions, please contact the Yale Off Campus Office.

What does the Yale Off Campus Living Office do?
The Yale Off Campus Living Office provides students help with their housing needs. Looking for a place to live, signing a lease or dealing with roommates can be a new experience for many students and we want to provide tools to make the experience an easier one. The Graduate Housing Office provides resources, information and events to navigate the housing search; whether looking for an apartment, house or dormitory.

Where is the Yale Graduate Housing Office?
The Yale Off Campus Housing Office is located at 420 Temple Street, New Haven, CT 06510. You can also contact or 203-432-9756.

Can you recommend the best apartment for me to live in?
The Off Campus Living Office is not a referral service but a resource service for our students. We provide you with information to help you make the best housing decision for you. We suggest you contact and visit multiple places to find the one that best fits your needs.

If a property is a featured lister are they affiliated with Yale University?
No. Being a Featured Lister only means that the property has chosen to reach out to Yale students, but is not affiliated with Yale University.

Does Yale vet the properties that are featured or advertised on the Graduate Housing Website?
No. Yale University has not inspected the premises of any of the advertisers, and has not independently confirmed the accuracy or reliability of statements made by third-party advertisers. A landlord rating system has been provided by the Yale Off Campus Living Office for your convenience.

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How do I begin my search for a place to live?
You can use the Yale Off Campus Living Office listing service, which can be found online here. Once you have an idea of what type of place you would like, use our Property Search on the website to find places that match your needs.
Where can I find short-term housing?
Short-term housing may be rare and is searchable on our website. We encourage you to contact a property directly if you have specific questions.
Are lease lengths negotiable?
They can be. If a complex isn’t 100% full, they may be more willing to negotiate a lease length with you. Just give them a call.
How do I know if an area is a safe place to live?

In order to make your own judgment on the safety of a neighborhood, please use the New Haven Independent Crime Log.

Does my financial aid cover my rent?
It may. Any financial aid that you receive must go through the Student Financial Services Office first. All pending Yale charges are paid first and any left over financial aid is then credited to the student, which may be used for rent. For more specific information please contact Financial Aid at 203-432-2700.
What if I don’t like the place I am living, which I found on the Off-Campus Website?
Potential tenants should always visit and thoroughly inspect residential premises that they are interested in renting. Yale University is not responsible or liable by the content of advertisements or by conditions existing on the premises of advertisers.
I’m having landlord problems. Where can I go for legal help?
Please refer to the State Connecticut of Connecticut Judicial Branch questions dealing with landlord, tenant and housing issues.

How do I find a roommate?
You can find a roommate on our website listing service. You can log-in with your NetID and password and find another Yale student that is either looking for a place or already has a place that may fit your needs.

I have a vacant room; can I list it in the roommates section?
Yes, our website listing service provides a feature where you are able to log in with your NetID and password and advertise your room to strictly Yale students. In the roommate section you will find options for listing vacant rooms and sublets.

Why do I need to log in with my NetID to look for roommates or vacant rooms?
As a safety and security precaution, all users to the roommate section must log in with their NetID. This will ensure that students you find in this section are Yale students.

How do I sublease my housing?
You can list a room, apartment or house on our website. On the listing be sure to include that those interested have to assume the lease, if that is the case. We suggest you check with your landlord to confirm that it is ok to sublease your place.

How soon will my listing appear in the database after I complete the on–line form and make payment?
Approval of listings and edits to those listings will be completed within two business days.

How do I renew a listing? Will I have to pay extra?
The new system allows a landlord/agent to go in and reactivate the listing as soon as its forty–five days term is completed. Each 45-day period requires complete payment.

Can I add or change information on my listing after it goes online?
Yes, changes or additions are possible. With the new system, you are able to log in and look at your listing and make changes. These changes are communicated with the Administrators of the website and once they are approved, the changes go into effect.

Why hasn’t anyone responded to my listing?
There are many reasons why a listing may not receive any hits. Please remember that the rental market is most active during the spring and summer months, and slows down considerably during the fall and winter months. Again, the Off-Campus Housing office does not guarantee that your unit/property will be rented or sold.

Will I need to pay the listing fee if I am an employee of Yale University?
Yale employees are not exempt from paying the listing fee.

Will I need to pay the listing fee if I am a Yale student renting out my apartment during the school year?
Yale students are required to pay a listing fee when listing a summer sublet or room share. If you are bound to a lease and need to find a replacement for the apartment you are renting, you will need to pay $45 to advertise your apartment for rent. If you have an apartment that you will not be occupying during the summer months and that you will return to in the fall, the fee is $10.00.

What can I include in the Comments section of the form? Is it optional?
You are not required to fill out the Comments box. However, if you do so, please remember these general guidelines:

  • You cannot include phrases such as “Male tenants only” or “Graduate students only.” If you have a preference for a type of tenant or roommate, you may, for example, say “Non-smoker preferred,” or “Mature roommate preferred.”
  • If you have photos that are available online, you can include the URL in the Comments section.
  • Please limit your comments to 20 words or less.

My unit/property has been rented/sold. What should I do?
Please go into the system through your profile, look for your property and de–activate the listing. This will tell the system that this property is no longer available. It allows you to retain the information for future use and re–activation when needed.

My listing expired three months ago, but is up for rent again. Will you have my old listing on file?
The new system allows the easy access to stored property listings. It allows you to re–activate the listing, make edits to the original file and activate for new viewing.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at or 203-432-9756.