Fleet Management FAQs

No. Yale policy requires all vehicles to be purchased through Fleet Management.

You will need to fill out the vehicle request form. We will select a few vehicles that meet your needs and obtain initial pricing for consideration. Upon making a decision, the Officer in charge of your department (Director, Dean, Senior Director in Business Operations with accountability for the relevant unit(s)) will be required to approve the purchase and send an email to yalefleet@yale.edu indicating their approval. When we receive the approval, we will obtain final quotes and order the vehicle. You will be notified as to when the vehicle will be received and when it will be ready for you to take possession.

Yes. All vehicles must be white. All vehicles must have a rearview camera installed and depending upon the vehicle a back-up alarm. All vehicles must now have a standard logo which must be approved by the University Printer. No alternative numbering or lettering is allowed without prior approval.

The first step is to contact Fleet Management. We will handle the turnover of the vehicle and all aspects of the disposal process.

Registrations are scanned into FleetFocus. Copies of registrations can be obtained in FleetFocus. If you don’t have access, please contact your department Fleet Coordinator. You or your department fleet coordinator will be able to login to the program and print a copy of the registration.

Yale Fleet now has a list of approved vendors. You may select from the list of shops and contact them for service.  The new FleetFocus software will be an important part of the maintenance program. Click here for a list of approved maintenance vendors.

When a gas card does not work at the station it is usually due to entering the wrong PIN code.  If you are uncertain whether the correct code is being used or if you forgot your code please contact Fleet Management at 203-432-2285, and we will be able to give you your PIN code.  If you are sure you are entering the correct information, please call Fleet Management and we will assist in finding out why the card is not working.  If no one answers at 203-432-2285, please call 203-997-1105. You are not allowed to put the gas on credit and promise Yale will pay later.  We will do our best to ensure the transaction is processed.

Yale units will receive an email from Yale Fleet Management (YFM) 60 days before an emissions test is due. Each of Yale’s approved maintenance vendors have emissions testing at their facility and agreed to bill Yale for the emissions testing. No need to take cash, just the registration.

After completing the test, fleet coordinators must send a copy of the PASS report to YFM at yalefleet@yale.edu so the vehicle information can be updated.

Avoid late fees and delayed registration renewals. A $20 late fee is charged when the emissions test is more than 30 days late! Registration renewals are held up if the emissions test has not been done. YFM will take vehicles out if service if the registration expires. So please take your vehicles in for emissions testing on time!

The University pays parking tickets on Yale-owned vehicles unless the department requires the individual to pay for the tickets.  However, parking in bus stops, on sidewalks, in no-standing zones, in prohibited zones, too close to a hydrant, handicapped space, too close to a crosswalk, and obstructing traffic is discouraged.  Personal parking tickets are not paid unless approved by an officer.

Yes. All new diesel vehicles require diesel exhaust fluid. Please check the owner’s manual for frequency. Also some newer vehicles have reminder lights. Please heed all reminders and intervals as failure to maintain the fluid level can cause severe engine damage.

State Law prohibits idling over 3 minutes for all vehicles except public safety and transit. At the current time there is no Yale policy regarding idling.  However, idling does reduce fuel efficiency.  Idling should be kept to a minimum.  Also minimal idling helps reduce the University’s carbon footprint. To find out more, visit the sustainability page.