WEX Cards

When buying fuel for any Yale vehicle, staff should always use a WEX Card unless specifically exempted by the University.  Each vehicle is issued one card and upon request each driver is issued a PIN #. Cards are not to be switched between vehicles.  PIN numbers should never be shared. The Yale P-Card should only be used in an emergency to purchase fuel for Yale vehicles.*

Request PIN Codes

Yale Fleet Coordinators or Department Business Managers can request PIN codes for their drivers.  PIN codes are not automatically generated, please allow several days for your request to be processed. Request a PIN.

Lost Cards

Departments should report lost cards to Yale Fleet immediately. Replacement cards are sent within 48 hours.  There is a $21.50 charge from WEX for replacement cards. Drivers or departments should check daily to ensure their cards are not missing. Replacement cards requested after 2 p.m. may take up to two  days to arrive.  The requestor of a replacement card will be notified when the card is available and the cards are to be picked up at the Yale Fleet Office.

Any questions, please Yale Fleet Management at 203-432-2285 or email yalefleet@yale.edu.

*If P-Card is used copy of the receipt must be sent to Fleet Management within 24 hours.