Yale departments, requiring routine maintenance of their university vehicle(s), will be required to generate a work request through Collective Data.  Yale Fleet has a group of preferred local vendors for all routine vehicle maintenance. Departments are required to use these approved vendors.

In addition to routine maintenance, Collective Data will send out electronic notifications to departments when preventative maintenance (PM) is required or coming due. These notifications are triggered, based on date of purchase, engine hours, or mileage. Departments are not required to complete a separate request for preventative maintenance work.

Preventative Maintenance

Yale Fleet Management has scheduled all PM work through Collective Data. Upon notification of a PM coming due, departments should schedule the PM with one of our preferred vendors.

Services will include:

  • Oil change
  • Multipoint inspection (inspection report will be attached to work order for reference)
  • Fluid top-off

Any additional repairs, identified during a scheduled PM, will be communicated by the vendor directly to Yale Fleet Management for approval.

Vendors will enter all maintenance work performed and any invoicing into Collective Data.

PCards are prohibited as a form of payment for vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Recalls will be entered by Yale Fleet as a maintenance request, and the department will be notified when a recall is due.  After notification, all recalls must be done as soon as possible at a local dealership.

All warranty work is to be performed at a dealer unless the warranty work is for work performed by a non-dealer vendor.  Please check the Collective Data system for all warranty work needed. If the department is unable to determine what warranty work is needed, please contact Yale Fleet Management prior to authorizing anything.


Departments will be notified by Yale Fleet Management prior to the vehicle emissions due date.  Vehicles must be tested at a Yale approved vendor prior to the expiration date. Vendors will bill Yale Fleet Management directly for all emissions.