These Yale approved vendors provide the following services: routine maintenance, oil changes and emissions testing. If your department’s vehicle requires more complicated repairs, the vendors will contact Fleet Management. Then our staff will call your unit’s Fleet Coordinator and provide details.

Address: 894 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT  MAP IT
Phone number: 203-562-2123
Hourly Rate:  $85 per hour
Alignment: $45-$115 depending upon vehicle size and type
Vehicle Pickup and return: $10
Parts:  MSRP Pricing

Address: 2215 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden CT 06514 MAP IT
Phone: 203-281-7501
Hourly Rate: $85
Alignment: $89.95 2 WD, $129.95 4 WD
Vehicle Pickup and Return: $55
Parts Markup: 20%
Emission: $20 plus transport costs (no testing on site – sent out to contractor)

Address: 185 Amity Rd, Woobridge, CT  MAP IT
Phone number: 203 389-7110
Hourly Rate: $101.96
Alignment: $99.95
Vehicle Pickup and Return: $30 but fee waived if repair over $125
Parts: List price less 15% discount
Emission: $20 State fee ($50 if they pick up and return vehicle)

Crest Auto Mall is an Authorized Ford repair center- can be used for warranty and recall work.

Address: 187 Saltonstall Pky, East Haven, CT 06512  MAP IT
Phone number: 203 467-5218
Hourly Rate:  $85-$105 depending upon vehicle
Alignment: $79 for cars, $139 Trucks
Vehicle pickup and return: No
Parts Markup: 20%
Emission: $20 State Fee

Address: 263 Forbes Avenue, New Haven CT 06512  MAP IT
Phone: 203-468-1727
Hourly Rate: $96
Alignment:  $115 cars, $185 Trucks
Vehicle pickup and return:  $60
Parts Markup: 15%
Emission: Mike’s Truck and Trailer: $60 (no testing on site- send out to contractor)

Address: 599 Lombard ST., New Haven, CT  MAP IT
Phone number: 203 624-0105
Hourly Rate: $65
Alignment: $59-$100
Vehicle Pickup and Return: No  Charge
Parts: MSRP Pricing