Vehicle Sharing Program

Yale Vehicle Sharing Program - This new program is currently only available at West Campus. 

Yale employees can now share use of Yale-owned vehicles when traveling for business purposes.  This includes traveling to local meetings, conferences, or between Yale facilities throughout the New Haven area and State of Connecticut.  This car-share program is NOT for personal use.  The West Campus fleet consists of a seven-passenger Chevrolet Traverse and a five-passenger Chevrolet Equinox–both 2012 models.

Steps To Take Prior to Reserving a Car

In order to reserve a vehicle, all drivers must complete the Driver Safety Awareness Training. Then they must be granted access.  To find out how to insure access, read through this guide.

For questions or feedback regarding the Car Share Pilot Program at West Campus, please contact the West Campus Administration at

If you interested in vehicle sharing? Contact Fleet Administrator, Ronald Gitelman at 203-432-2285 or by email