Walking in New Haven

Walking Resources

  • Use Google Maps to determine a walking route–including the duration of the trip.
  • Calculate your walking route, distance, and calories consumed using the Gmaps Pedometer or MapMyWalk.
  • See how walkable your neighborhood is using the WalkScore Website.
  • Log walking trips in CTrides Commuter Rewards to earn restaurant coupons, local retailer discounts, and tickets to shows and attractions.
  • Use SeeClickFix to report the location of broken sidewalks, malfunctioning walk signals, a lack of pedestrian safety infrastructure, etc. Data is sent to the appropriate city department and you can track progress on your report.

Walking Safety

  • Yale Security’s Walking Escorts (24 hour)
  • Download the free LiveSafe App and use the Walking Escort feature to invite friends and family to temporarily follow your location on a real-time map.

1-mile and 3-mile Radius Rings Around Yale’s Campus

If you travel from within a 1-mile radius of campus, your walk time is 15 minutes or less.

If you travel from within a 3-mile radius of campus, your bicycling time is 15 minutes or less.