Yale Mail Service set up a partnership with USPS to deliver mail on Yale Campus for departments that opt into a PO Box service with Campus Mail. PO Boxes opened with Campus mail are for Yale Departments and staff only. Students are instructed to open a PO Box directly with USPS for regular mail.

The key benefit of a PO Box with Campus Mail is we deliver daily, direct to department buildings on the Central Campus side of the University. Campus Mail establishes a pickup and drop off location with each department to ensure proper delivery. Campus mail strives to be the best in customer service and will deliver mail in a quicker more efficient time frame directly to your department/college without error. If you believe an item came into Campus Mail, but has not been delivered, please fill out the missing package survey. If the item was sent USPS, it is possible the item was delivered directly by USPS if the item has a street address on it and not a PO Box. We also recommend submitting the USPS missing package inquiry for missing USPS items.

Items sent via FedEx, UPS, Amazon, DHL, or Lasership are delivered by the carriers directly, if an item has not been delivered, we recommend you contact the shipping carrier.

If the item was shipped directly to West Campus Receiving, Medical School Receiving, or Central Receiving and you have not received your item, please use the contact list below for the appropriate area so we can try to resolve any issues.

  • Medical School: Gerry Apuzzo - (203)785-5884
  • Central Campus: Joseph Camporeale - (203) 436-5324
  • West Campus: West Campus Receiving - (203) 737-3024

Please note that Campus Mail can only accept perishable items at the Medical School Campus only (200 S Frontage Road). Perishable items received at Central Campus will be returned to sender as our central location does not have proper refrigeration available.

Amazon Lockers

Amazon lockers are available to individuals to receive mail and packages. Check below for the locations.

Address Locker Name
206 Elm St (New Haven) Qasim
800 West Campus Dr. (Orange) Grade

PO Box Registration

Departments can also establish a PO Box with USPS directly but will have to pick up all mail at USPS. If mail and packages come into Campus Mail for departments we do not deliver to, mail and packages are provided back to USPS to deliver or have departments pick up if a department has an open PO Box with USPS. This has caused delays in departments receiving items, which is why we recommend a PO Box with Campus Mail to alleviate any delays.

Additionally, Campus Mail only charges what USPS charges for a PO Box with Campus Mail delivery service. The charge is higher than a direct pickup PO Box, but it takes the time and worry out department mailings. This billing is done once a year, at the beginning of Yale University’s fiscal year (July). Campus Mail has a PO Box form where departments can open a PO Box, close a PO Box, or change their COA for billing. We encourage departments to report any billing changes via our webform as soon as they occur. We also have the option to update the contacts for your department’s PO Box if staffing has changed.

Departments can also enjoy the flexibility of having mail kept on hold during periods where work is being done remotely and office staff is not available to sign for items. Departments can also pick up mail during Campus Mail open hours when mail is on hold for delivery.

Campus Mail also offers the option of delivering during the Holiday Recess.

For interoffice mail, Campus Mail will only deliver to departments with an active Campus Mail PO Box. If the department does not have a PO Box with Campus Mail, you can use our Courier Service for letters or packages you want to have picked up and delivered on Campus for a small fee.

Campus Mail does not provide postage on packages or letters, this service can be provided by YPPS, located in the same building as Central Campus Mail (344 Winchester Avenue).

We take mail inquiries or issues seriously and we thoroughly research and resolve them as soon as possible. We are always available for any of your mail needs. If you have questions, calls us if you need help:

Central Area

  • 344 Winchester Ave., New Haven, CT
  • Joseph Camporeale, Mail Service Manager, 203-436-5324 or
  • Mail Service:
    • Sabrina Balisciano, Senior Adm, 203-436-4592
    • Fax: 203-436-4594

Science Area

Customer Service: 203-432-5156

Medical School

Barnes and Noble Yale Student Receiving Center

  • 77 Broadway, Lower Level
  • Hours of Operations: Monday through Saturday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sunday 12pm - 5pm.
  • Phone: 203-436-2708
  • Email:

For any questions about mail, contact