Student Mail and Package Delivery FAQs

Q: What is the student US mail and package delivery process for Yale’s campus?
Yale Station is Yale’s campus outpost and central resource for Yale College student mail delivery. All Yale College students are required to rent a Yale Station (206 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06511) PO Box which serves at the US mail delivery target for each student. Visit the PO Boxes page for further details

Q: What do I need to do to ensure that my US mail and packages are delivered?
All Yale College students must rent a personal post office box (PO Box) at Yale Station. The Yale Station PO Box serves at the US mail and package delivery target for each Yale College student. Student mail and packages addressed to a mail target other than a Yale Station PO Box, will be delayed and may not be delivered. Visit the Student Mail and Shipping page for further details.

Q: How do I receive packages from FedEx and UPS that cannot be delivered to Yale station?
Yale operates a Student Package Receiving Center at 250 Church Street, New Haven, CT. 06511. Visit the Student Mail and Shipping page for further details.

These packages should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
Yale University
250 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510

Q: When will the new Amazon lockers be available on campus?
Yale is partnering with to bring Amazon Lockers to campus this fall. Amazon Lockers are self-service Amazon package delivery targets that can be selected during checkout as a delivery location. The lockers will be installed in select locations around campus. They feature delivery notifications, Amazon package return support, and 24/7 access. Procedures for shipping to and pickup from the new Amazon Lockers will be published prior to the lockers being placed into service.

Q: If I didn’t sign up for a PO Box what will happen to mail and packages sent to me?

Student US Mail 

To ensure that US Mail can be addressed and delivered to students living on-campus, Yale’s existing policy requiring students to establish a PO Box and mailing address at Yale Station remains in effect. The temporary practice of Campus Mail delivering student US Mail to each residential college office will be discontinued. Starting October 1, 2019, misaddressed US Mail will be returned to sender. Exceptions will be made for voting ballots, passports, and jury duty notices, which on-campus students without PO Boxes can address to themselves at their residential college office address, for delivery by Campus Mail.

Regarding financial documents, students are advised to establish and use available online methods whenever possible to receive checks, bank statements, and other financial documents that might otherwise be mailed. Students expecting to receive other important US Mail are advised to establish a Yale Station PO Box and mailing address. 

Student Package Delivery

All undergraduate students without PO Boxes can still receive any package from any vendor [Amazon included] and any carrier [UPS, FEDEX, DHL] at the package receiving center during the academic year. The center closes the day after Commencement and reopens around August 15th