Yale Summer Session

If you are not a student on the Yale Summer Session roster, please do not send packages to 344 Winchester Avenue. The Yale Student Receiving Center closed on May 25, 2022. Students not enrolled in Summer Session but are living on campus should open a PO Box with Yale Station USPS. Any items received for students not enrolled in the Summer Sessions will be returned to sender. Students living on campus but not attending the Summer Session program can also utilize the Amazon lockers on Campus.

Amazon Lockers

Address Locker Name
206 Elm St (New Haven) Qasim
272 Elm St (New Haven) Rally
165 Whitney Ave (New Haven) Moustache
800 West Campus Dr. (Orange) Grade

Mail Delivery

344 Winchester Avenue is not a student receiving center. Students should not come directly to 344 Winchester to pick up or inquire about packages. Items may take up to 1 – 2 business days to be delivered to the Yale Summer Session. All inquiries for packages should contact the Yale Summer Session Receiving Center directly at 203-514-2296

For students attending the Yale Summer Session, please read the below for instructions on how to address regular mail without tracking numbers, and packages with tracking information.

For regular mail without a scannable tracking number, please send letters, etc. to the following address:

Yale Summer Session
Student Name (First and Last)
PO Box 205289
New Haven, CT 06520

For packages with scannable tracking numbers (via vendors such as UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL, etc.), please address items to the following address:

Yale Summer Session
Student Name (First and Last)
344 Winchester Avenue, Dock 7&8
New Haven, CT 06511

  • Packages will be available for pick up at Berkeley College, Office # H13, 205 Elm Street, New Haven, CT
  • Yale Summer Session will contact students when packages are ready for pick up.
  • Deliveries from Whole Foods, DoorDash, or perishable items are not accepted and will be returned to sender.