Parking Update

Effective July 1, 2023, monthly and daily parking fees will be reinstated to the full normal rate for all members of our community who participate in the university parking program.

Any requests to update parking elections should be submitted by June 9, to our Parking Office online or by calling 432-9790 to avoid any payroll deduction issues.

Parking at Yale is limited. Permit prices are based on a sliding scale.

Any parking permit issued by Yale University must be displayed. Should you drive another vehicle without a permit, it is your duty to inform the Parking Department.

All vehicles parked on University property must be registered, insured, and operable.

Rates, Permits, Applications and Regulations

Call or email CTrides to determine if there’s a more cost-effective and sustainable way for you to get to campus.

If you decide not to park on campus, or want to suspend your parking permit to use transit, you’ll receive:

As always, you can count on the free Yale Shuttle to get around during the day, and use a car anytime if you become a Zipcar Member.

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