Parking Forms

Parking Suspension

Yale Parkers may suspend their parking seasonally (one month minimum) or as a risk-free way to try a transit, bicycle or walking commute. If you would like to suspend your parking permit and deductions, submit the Suspensions of Fee form.

Upon request, parkers will be immediately reassigned to their original location. If space is not available there, they will be assigned to the next most convenient lot and their name will be placed at the top of the waiting list for their original parking location.  If a parker’s spot is not reclaimed within six months, the suspension reverts to a cancelation. However, even after six months, every effort will be made to accommodate lot reassignment requests.

How to Receive your Free Daily Parking

For carpool and vanpool participants

Upon successful registration, your carpool or vanpool will automatically receive 6 free one-day parking stays per month to be shared among all passengers.

For transit riders

  • Monthly pass holders qualify for 3 free daily parking stays per month.
  • 10-ride pass holders qualify for 1 free daily parking stay per month.

Complete the Free Parking Passes for Transit form to have your parking stays loaded onto your Yale ID card. Once you have registered, you will need to prove your continued transit use each year in January and July. Simply resubmit the form with a copy of that month’s transit pass (or receipt) attached, to ensure that you still qualify.  

For questions, including free parking permits for vanpool participants, please contact the Parking Office at 203-432-9790.

How to use the Guaranteed Ride Home Program

  • Visit The CTrides website if you can commute via any of the options below. You can submit your emergency ride receipt online.
  • Hartford Express Bus (monthly or 31-day pass)
  • Rail parking shuttle commuters going to/from Westport, South Norwalk, and Greenwich train stations that use a monthly ticket
  • Shore Line East (monthly pass)
  • Carpool
  • Vanpool
  • Bicycle
  • If you are not eligible for the CTrides program.Yale will cover your emergency ride home.This includes CTTransit pass holders, and Metro North pass holders, and carpoolers (who can use either program). 
  • During office hours, participants can call the Parking and Transit Office (203-432-9790) who will then arrange and authorize a free ride home from a local taxi company.
  • After office hours, participants should call the taxi company directly and pay for trip using personal funds. Participant should then submit the taxi receipt to the Parking Office for reimbursement via petty cash voucher.

Guidelines for Guaranteed Ride Home Program

When can I use a Guaranteed Ride Home?

  • Illness or crisis of the participant or that of a family member
  • Unexpected request of supervisor to work past regular schedule without advance notice
  • Driver of carpool or vanpool had to leave due to an emergency, leaving you without a ride home

The Guaranteed Ride Home is not meant for:

  • Personal errands, pre-planned medical appointments
  • Work-related travel
  • Working late without manager’s request
  • Early departures due to weather conditions

Destination Options

  • Home or other destination related to the emergency
  • Public transportation point
  • A hospital or doctor’s office in the event of sudden illness