Parking Locations

Central Campus

Parking Lot Location
11 Lot 11: Divinity School - Gated:
Located adjacent to the Divinity school. Access is a right from Prospect, North of Edwards.
11n Lot 11n: Divinity School-Resident Lot - Gated:
Located adjacent to the Divinity School. Access is a right from Prospect, North of Edwards.
12 Lot 12: Divinity School:
Located behind the Divinity School. Access is a right from Prospect, North of Edwards
BH Betts House:
Located at 397 Prospect Street, Access is a right from Prospect, North of Edwards.
14 Lot 14:
Located to the right of Davies Mansion. Access is a right from Prospect, North of Edwards.
16 Lot 16: Gibbs Laboratory - Gated:
Located at Whitney Ave and Humphrey Street.
17 Lot 17: Greeley Lab:
Access from Prospect Street, North of Hillside.
19 Lot 19: Ingall’s Rink:
Access on right from Mansfield Street, North of Sachem Street.
21 Lot 21: Sage Hall:
Located on Prospect Street. Access is a right on Prospect,  North of Sachem Street.
22 Lot 22: Yale Science Building : Ungated:
Located on Whitney Ave. Access across from Humphrey Street.
29 Lot 29:
Located at 340 Edwards Street. Access is on right going east on Edwards.
38 Lot 38:
Located at 125 Prospect at Sachem & Trumbull.
41 Lot 41 - Gated:
Located at 221 Whitney Avenue. Access on right on Whitney Ave, North of Bradley.
51 Lot 51: Hendrie Hall - Gated:
Entrance is a right on Temple, south of Grove Street.
55 Lot 55 - Gated:
Located at 451 College Street. Access from College Street, North of Elm Street.
62 Lot 62:
Located at 301 Edwards Street. Entrance is at the corner of Prospect and Edwards. Lot in rear.
63 Lot 63: Hillside Place:
Access located on left on Hillside place, West of Prospect Street.
65 Lot 65:
Located at 175 St.Ronan Street at 309 Edwards.
66 Lot 66:
Located at 160 St.Ronan Street.
77 Lot 77: Ray Tompkins House Tower Parkway – Gated:
Located at the corner of Dixwell Ave and York Square Place. Access from Tower Parkway between Paine Whitney Gym and the Ray Tompkins House.
78 Lot 78 - Gated:
Located at Ashmun Street and York Square Place. Lot located rear of Payne Whitney. Access from Ashmun Street.
78W Lot 78w: Lake Place – Gated:
Located on Lake Place. Access from Lake Place.
81 Lot 81 - Gated:
Located at 297 Crown Street, corner of Crown Street and High Street. Access from Crown Street.
84 Lot 84: University Theatre:
Located on York Street, North of Chapel Street.
344 Lot 344 - Gated:
Located at 344 Winchester Avenue at the corner of Wnchester Avenue and Division Street.
AUD Audubon and Orange - Gated:
Entrance Located on both Audubon and Orange Street.
AWG AWG – Gated:
Located under 55 Whitney. Entrance located on Audubon Street.
Chapel/York Chapel / York:  
Located on York street South of Chapel Street. Access on York. Hourly Rates.
Evans Evans Garage:  
Located at 165 Whitney Avenue.
Grove Street Grove Street Garage:
Access on right on Grove Street, West of Orange Street. Hourly Rates.
HSG Howe Street Garage:
Access on Howe Street.
PSPG Pierson-Sage Parking Garage - Gated:
Located on corner of Whitney and Edwards Street. Access from Whitney/Humphrey or 340 Edwards Street.
PSG Prospect Sachem Garage, Ingalls Rink:
Access from Prospect Street on the left then bear right.
Science Park Science Park Garage:
Located at Winchester Avenue and Henry Street.
 WAG WAG - Gated:
Located behind 221 Whitney Ave.Access on right from Whitney, North of Bradley Street.
 WG WG – Gated:
Under 2 Whitney Ave. Access on right from Grove, West of Whitney.

Visitor Parking

Hours are 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday for all locations. At all other hours, spaces are free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parking Lot Location
Air Rights Garage North Frontage Road
Audubon Court Garage 78 Audubon Court
Broadway Parking Lot Broadway & Elm Street
Chapel-York Garage 150 York Street
CP2* College Street next to 37 College
$2/hour (ParkMobile)
Grove Street Garage 65 Grove Street
Howard Avenue Garage 790 Howard Avenue
16V Whitney Ave and Humphrey Street. $2/hour (ParkMobile)
26V In front of Ingalls Rink
$2/hour (ParkMobile)
Lot 37 Trumbull Street - between Temple and Hillhouse
$2/hour (ParkMobile)
Temple Street Garages Temple & Crown Streets
Crown Street Parking Lot 255 Crown Street
York Street Parking Lot 161 York Street
Dixwell Street Parking Lot 41 Dixwell Street

Yale School of Medicine Parking

Parking Location
ARG Air Rights Garage - Gated, 24/7 access: 
Located on South Frontage Rd. Across from Harkness dorm. Gate controlled, and patrolled by YNHH police. It is monitored by camera 24/7. Access from North and Sourh Frontage roads, and York Street.
AMG Amistad Garage - Gated, 24/7 access for permit parking:
Located on the corner of Amistad St. and Cedar St. with access from both Cedar and Amistad. The lowest level has access only through CSS at Church St. South.
CP College Place - Gated:
Located to the rear and south of College Place with access from both College and Congress.
CP2 College Place 2- Now Visitor Only Lot, Pay by Cell: 
Located adjacent to and west of College Place with access from both College and Congress.
CSS Church Street South - Gated:
Located around the 100 Church Street South facility, at the corners of Church St South, Columbus, Cedar and Amistad with access from both Cedar and Church St. South.
CSG Crown Street Garage: 
Located at the corner of College and Crown with access from College.
HAG Howard Avenue Garage - Visitor parking available. Pay station.  6:30AM – 8:30PM, 24/7 for permit parkers: Located at the corner of Howard and Congress with access from both Howard and Congress.
TMG Temple Medical Garage: 
Located at N. Frontage between College and Temple with access from both George and N. Frontage.
TSG Temple Street Garage: 
Located at the corner of Temple and N. Frontage with access from both Temple and N. Frontage.
UAR Under Air Rights - Gated, 24/7 for permit parkers:
Located at under the Air Rights Garage with access from S. Frontage at the Route 34 highway entrance east of York.
100 York 100 York - Ungated, open lot: 
Accessed from George St. between Park & York.
123 York 123 York:
The roof is open space and is accessed from George, between York & High streets.
47 Lot 47:
Located at the corner of Washington and Howard with access from Washington.
94 Lot 94:
Located at the rear of 270 Congress with access from Washington.
96 Lot 96:
Located between Washington and Gilbert, east of Howard, with access from Washington.
99 Lot 99 - Ungated:
Located at Lafayette and Prince Street.

Leased Lots/Garages

Campus Location
Medical 1 Church St.
Medical 55 Church St.
Medical 340 George St.
Medical 390 George St.
Medical 129 York St.
Medical 100 College
Medical Air Right Garage
Medical Crown St. Garage
Medical Temple Medical Garage
Medical Temple Street Garage
Medical Quigley Stadium
Central 121 Whitney Ave.
Central Financial Center
Central Grove St. Garage

After Business Hours Parking

Hours are 5:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. for all locations and available for free on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking outside these hours is subjected to strict enforcement.

Parking Lot Location
Lot 11  Divinity School
Lot 51 Temple Street
Lot 78 Ashmun Street
Lot 344
Winchester Ave
Lot 47 Washington Ave
Lot 14  
Lot 15  
Lot 16  
Lot 22  
Lot 26V  
Lot 53  
Lot 94  
Lot 99  
Lot K  
Lot CP2