Student Parking

Having a car on campus isn’t necessary! Yale now offers over 30 Zipcars around the campus. Zipcar is a car sharing company that lets you use a car by the hour or day. Why pay to store your car on campus, when you can have a car - that comes with parking and gas costs included - whenever you want it?

You may pay to park in a Yale garage, a Yale surface lot, or in private sector parking. Keep in mind that in addition to Zipcar, Yale has an extensive shuttle system that is free to the University community, and the shuttles’ locations can be viewed in real time. The local transit district, CTTransit also provides access throughout the greater New Haven area.

These options make it easy to be car-free on campus.

Where Can I Park?

Undergraduate and graduate students may pay to park in a Yale garage, Yale surface lot, or private sector parking locations. Visit the student parking registration page to review locations, rates, regulations, and to apply for parking.

Students may also consider alternatives to parking, including Yale’s free shuttle bus, bicycles, local transit options, Zipcar, and more. For additional information, visit the Parking and Transportation Options page.

  • Parking on the Central Campus: Graduate or undergraduate resident students living in residential colleges, annexes, or graduate and professional dormitories (except Divinity Students) are offered parking in Lot 11 (on Prospect St., for commuting Divinity Students), Lot 63 (Hillside place, near Prospect south west), and the Howe Street Garage (graduate students only) located on Howe Street, midway between Chapel Street and Edgewood Avenue.
  • Parking on the Medical Campus: Student parking at the Yale School of Medicine is located in either the Air Rights Garage or Amistad Parking Garage. There is a two-tier fee structure for student parking depending on the lot of choice. Acceptable forms of payment are bank card, credit card, personal check, cash or bursar billing.


Bicycles may be parked only in areas specifically designated for bicycle parking. Visit the Bike page for more information.

Motorized two-wheeled vehicles

Motorized two-wheeled vehicles may park free in unlined corners of parking lots.