Yale Parking FAQs

The university will reinstate parking fees to full normal rates on July 1, 2023. The rate through June 30, 2023 is as follows:

  • 50% reduction for monthly parking permits
  • 50% reduction for Daily Debit Stay parking permits (DDS)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) use will be $.30 per kWh

For more information, please view current Faculty and Staff Parking Rates.

The Yale Parking Office does offer a DDS option for those parkers that would rather pay for parking daily. Compared to the Monthly Parking option, the DDS option is not pre-tax, and the DDS option has the following restrictions:

  • Parkers are assigned to a location based on a “first come, first served” basis by the Parking Office.
  • The assigned DDS location may not be the previous Monthly parking location for prior Monthly parkers.
  • Parkers switching back to Monthly parking from DDS will be subject to the “first come, first served” queue for the lot requested if a waitlist exists.
  • DDS passes are NOT allowed in leased parking lots/garages.
  • Over-subscribing allows more parkers access to a parking asset than the number of spaces in the asset.
  • Over-subscribing works because not all assigned parkers use the lot/garage at the same time due to absences, PTO, flexible work arrangements, etc.
  • Reciprocal Parking Access provides parking privileges to a lot/garage other than the primary assigned lot/garage.
  • Most Yale parking assets are already modestly oversubscribed and have a waitlist of parkers who have applied for access to the parking asset.
  • With further over-subscription, parkers currently on lot/garage waitlists will be the first to be provided “Reciprocal Parking Access” to the waitlist location.
  • Over-subscription parkers should be aware that that if parking capacity for a lot/garage becomes an issue, over-subscription Reciprocal Parking Access will be rescinded on a “last in, first one out” basis.
  • Parking Office work to over-subscribe lots and garages has begun and we expect it will continue over the next few months.

Yes. You will have a 30-day period from the date of cancellation to reinstate your monthly parking at your former location. Should you wish to be reinstated to your previous parking location after the 30-day period, you will be added to the waitlist and assigned to another location.

If you choose to retain your current monthly parking plan, you do not need to take any action. Alternatively, you can elect to be a daily parker. Review information on occasional parking, using daily debt parking permits, and monthly parking on the Faculty and Staff Parking Rates page.

Daily Debit parking permits are only usable in Yale-owned lots/garages (not leased lots/garages). Preference is given to monthly parking permit holders, but you may be able to stay in your current Yale-owned parking location if space allows. Daily parking locations will be made available, and you will be notified of the location closest to your work location. View a list of Yale leased lots/garages.

Yes. However, Yale Daily Debit parking permits will not work in these locations. You would be subjected to paying the daily fees assigned by the garage owner.

You can purchase daily debit parking permits by credit card in any quantity by contacting the parking office. Daily Debit parking permits are not transferrable and non-refundable. The number of stays purchased will be added to your university ID or parking card. Users are responsible for monitoring their remaining balance.

The parking office will issue you a hang tag for your vehicle that must be displayed at all times when parking.

Yes, for monthly parkers. No, for daily parkers.

Yes. You should contact the parking office with your request. Openings will be filled as they are available. There may be a waiting list for your desired location.