Relocation and Logistics Management coordinates intra, inter-state and international moves, including:

  • Households
  • Labs
  • Campus moves

Local - Contract Movers and Rigging

Relocation and Logistics Management has contracts with local moving companies and riggers to handle any moving requests that can not be handled by TR&S.  Whether you need a laboratory, office or library moved, we have a mover that specializes in these areas. Contact or

Please note: New tax laws effective January 1, 2018 impacts household relocation expenses and assistance. Relocation expenses and assistance are now considered taxable income to the employee. This includes expenses incurred in 2017, but submitted for reimbursement in 2018.

Interstate - Household Goods and Laboratory Equipment

Yale University may elect to pay for the moving of household goods for newly recruited employees. Payment for such expenses must be authorized at the unit level. However, not all newly recruited employees are guaranteed a relocation allowance. A moving allowance is at the discretion of the hiring department or business area. 

Each year Relocation and Logistics Management relocates an average of 250 faculty and staff from all over the world. The majority of our moves take place from April through September. Our office has negotiated contracts with reputable nationwide moving companies.

Interstate moving rates, otherwise known as tariff rates, are based on weight and distance. Our contracts provide Yale employee’s attractive discounts off of the tariff rates, specified dollar amount of free insurance and enhanced delivery schedules.

International Moves

Relocation and Logistics Management works with international moving companies to help new faculty and staff relocate to the New Haven area.

For more information or to arrange an upcoming move, contact the Relocation and Logistics Manager, Diane Brown at 203-432-9961 or email Hiring departments will need to complete an Authorization for Household Relocation Allowance form.

Policy & Procedure