Courier Service can be used for on campus pick-up and delivery of small items on a pre-arranged basis or on call. Same day service is available for important items at a minimal fee. The same rate is charged for pick-up and delivery of items off and on campus in the greater New Haven area. Our Driver will assist you with your courier requirements.

Examples of items you might use Courier Service for: tapes, important data or documents, package, etc.

Benefits: Fast, efficient service, lower rates than commercial carriers, signatures upon pick-up and/or delivery provide accountability.

Rates: For courier service requested the rate is $16.00 per envelope or box. No charge for pick-ups.

We do offer the option of ongoing courier service for your department. The rate is $16.00 per stop, per day. Your department will have the flexibility of requesting a certain time for pick up and drop off, on and off Yale Campus.

If you are interested in a standing courier order, please submit a request for service.