Courier Service can be used for on campus pick-up and delivery of small items on a pre-arranged basis or on call. Same day service is available for important items at a minimal fee. A slightly higher rate is charged for pick-up and delivery of items off campus in the greater New Haven area. Our Driver will assist you with your courier requirements.

Examples of items you might use Courier Service for: tapes, important data or documents, perishable items that must be somewhere at a specific time.

Benefits: Fast, efficient service, lower rates than commercial carriers, signatures upon pick-up and/or delivery provide accountability.

Rates: For courier service requested by the Central and Science areas, the rate is $11.00 per envelope delivery and $15 per box delivery. No charge for pick-ups. Rates are based on where delivery is made to and what is being delivered. For off-campus service, see Private Transport rates.