Moving and Relocation Rates

To book services, please fill out a Request For Service form.

Moving Rates

There is a minimum 1-hour rate for a scheduled move (rate dependent on how many movers/trucks are required for the requested service). Moves that exceed 1 hour are charged in 15-minute increments. There may be a 4 hour minimum charge applied to jobs occurring during overtime hours.

Deliveries * 1 Man, 1 Truck $55.00/hr $82.50/hr
Deliveries * 2 Men, 1 Truck $100.00/hr $150.00/hr
  3 Men, 2 trucks $140.00/hr $210.00/hr
  4 Men, 2 Trucks $180.00/hr $270.00/hr
  5 Men, 3 Trucks  $200.00/hr $300.00/hr
  6 Men, 3 Trucks $220.00/hr $330.00/hr
  7 men, 3 or 4 trucks $240.00/hr $360.00/hr
  8 men, 4 trucks $260.00/hr $390.00/hr
Kiosk Replenishment/Transport effective 02/01/23 Color Transport Rate $23.21/hr  
Mileage for travel outside of New Haven*   .95 cents/mile plus parking/meal allowance  
Disposal Fee **   $100.00/hr $150.00/hr

* If travel is required outside of the greater New Haven area, there is an additional charge of $0.95/mile plus tolls, parking, and meal allowance (if applicable/overtime hours are required).
** Moves requiring disposal or recycling of any item(s) will assess an additional fee.

Departments are responsible for reimbursement of any moving/packing supplies purchased by TR&S to complete Request for Service.

Chauffeur Rates

To book services, please fill out a Request For Service form.

Service Provided Service Hourly Rate Overtime Rate
Passenger Transport 30 miles or less 1 Man, 1 Truck or Bus $70.00/hr $105.00/hr
Passenger Transport 30 miles or more 1 Men, 1 Truck or Bus $135.00/hr $202.00/hr

Cancellation/No-show/Rescheduling Policy

Customer shall notify TR&S of cancellation, in whole or in part, or intent to reschedule by contacting TR&S at 203-436-4581. In the event Customer notifies TR&S of its intent to cancel or reschedule less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date of service originally scheduled to begin, Customer shall be rescheduled for the next available date and Customer shall pay TR&S a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is based on how many employees and trucks are needed for the service. The fee increases as more trucks and employees are scheduled to complete your requested service. The cancellation policy also applies no-shows.




2 men, 1 truck (Chauffeur / Passenger Transport)



3 or 4 men, 1 or 2 trucks



5 or 6 men, 2 or 3 trucks