Shipping and Receiving

Transport, Receiving & Storage (TR&S) provides support for campus moves, storage options, and passenger transport and courier services. In addition, TR&S sells surplus furniture and has several receiving locations across Central Campus, Medical Campus, science park, and West Campus.

For additional resources, visit EshipGlobal, FedEX, and UPS.

Service Phone Contact Person
Billing Inquiries 203-436-4595 John Ghiroli
Central Stockroom 203-436-4596 or 203 436-4595 David Marquis and John Ghiroli
Medical Receiving 203-785-5884 Gerry Apuzzo
Receiving & Delivery 203-436-4596 or 203 436-4595 David Marquis or John Ghiroli
Shipping & Pick Up 203-436-4595 John Ghiroli
Surplus Furniture Jennifer Ball

West Campus Storage

New Accounts 203-737-3024 Jeffrey Matchett
Storage Billing Inquiries 203-737-3024 Jeffrey Matchett
Storage & Retrieval 203-737-3024 Jeffrey Matchett