Shipping Packages or Freight

All individuals (shippers) requesting or making shipments for which Yale is responsible must do so through Yale’s approved shipping application (eShipGlobal), except for intra-campus shipments, as detailed below.  Shippers who fail to use Yale’s approved shipping application, without first receiving an approved exception (see Special Situations & Exceptions), will not be reimbursed for costs incurred.  Violations of this policy involving a University Purchasing Card (PCard) are subject to the provisions of Policy 3215 Yale Purchasing Card and Procedure 3215 PR.01 Yale Purchasing Card Procedure, including all pertinent disciplinary measures.

All shipments for which Yale is responsible must comply with the following regulations:

Intra-Campus Shipments

Intra-campus shipments include all shipments between Yale locations (e.g., West Campus, Medical, Science Hill).  Intra-campus shipments are not required to be processed through Yale’s approved shipping application (except for those involving research/clinical materials, as described below).  Instead, intra-campus shipments should be arranged directly through Yale Transport, Receiving & Storage (TR&S) or a specialty mover.  Shippers should use their best judgment (assessing size, value, and any other relevant considerations) in deciding whether to utilize these services or transport goods by other means (e.g., on foot, personal vehicle).  Shippers must not use common carriers (e.g., UPS, FedEx, DHL, World Courier) for intra-campus shipments.