Transport, Receiving & Storage (TR&S) Stock Request - Ethanol

All Ethanol Supply requests must have a contact name and COA. Requests with incomplete information will be returned to the Requester. Contact Yale Medical School Receiving at 203-785-5884 with any questions or by fax at 203-785-6948.

This form requires a STOCK REQUEST FORM # from the Transaction Control Number Generator Page (TCN).


Please print and fill out the Grant Approval Form. Your order cannot be completed without a signed Grant Approval Form.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Yale Stock Number Item Description Unit of Issue
34865 190 proof 55 gal metal drum  
34868 ETHANOL, 200 proof 1 gal can 4/cs CS
34869 ETHANOL, 190 proof 1 gal can 4/cs CS
34870 ETHANOL, 200 proof 5 gal drum w/flex spout  EA
34871 ETHANOL, 200 proof pints 24/cs  CS
34880 ETHANOL, 190 proof 5 gal drum w/ flex spout EA
22032105 ETHANOL, 190 proof 5 gal poly w/ spigot  
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