FAQs for Egencia travelers

In September 2015, Expedia, Inc. purchased Orbitz for Business and as a result, Orbitz no longer exists. On June 27, 2016 Yale Travel migrated to Egencia, Expedia’s business travel booking tool.

Booking through Egencia helps strengthen the University’s negotiating power in the future, as well as reduce monies spent on travel within your department. When reservations are made outside Egencia, Yale Travel is limited in our ability to assist with “waivers and favors” from airlines and other preferred travel suppliers during those unforeseen circumstances.

To achieve the best results the recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 11 and up, or the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

A user profile is required before any travel bookings can be made. Please make sure your Egencia profile matches your name in your government issued ID. Please contact Yale Travel if it doesn’t match. The profile link can be found in the booking tool in the top right corner.

Egencia is for University faculty and staff traveling on university business, and may not be used for making personal air or rail reservations. Hotel and car rental reservations for personal travel are allowable through Egencia. Car insurance is not included when booking cars for personal use.

Egencia offers one-stop shopping for all your travel needs. All air reservations, plus hotel, car rental, private car, and Amtrak reservations should be made through Egencia.

Training is offered the first Friday of every month at the Learning Center. Sign up for an Egencia training class.

Egencia agents are available 24/7 to assist with complex reservations. Contact an Egencia agent at 877 647- 1453 or by email at teamagents@customercare.egencia.com.

Egencia offers the following two group travel options. Visit the Yale Travel website for more information.

  • A Meeting Group has a fixed beginning and end date. Travelers may only book air reservations (no rail, hotel, or car).
  • A Traveler Group has no start or end date and is used for ongoing events such as job candidates, seminar speakers, etc. Travelers can book air, rail, car and hotel.

You need to be set up as their travel arranger by either contacting a Yale Travel representative at travel@yale.edu or by calling 203 432-9962 or by clicking on Arrange for a traveler not listed tab which will send an email requesting access to their account.

On your Egencia homepage you will see a drop-down menu with the list of travelers that you’re set up to book for. Select the appropriate traveler and proceed. The reservation will be made in that traveler’s name.

To make a reservation for a visitor, you must have a “guest” account. Please contact Travel Management at travel@yale.edu to request one. Once you have a guest account, all visitor travelers can be booked in this account. Guests accounts should not be used to book travel for Yale faculty and staff.

Select My Trips from the Home page to see your reservation. Go to the list of travelers to see bookingsmade for other travelers.

Egencia agents are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact an Egencia agent call 877 647-1453. You will not be charged for this service.

If you cancel the trip within 24 hours of booking, most airlines will not charge a cancellation fee. Be sure to read the conditions of fares to verify eligibility for refund. To cancel a trip, select the cancel option within My Trips or contact an Egencia agent at 877 647-1453.

If a change is needed within the first 24 hours of booking the reservation you can cancel and rebook without a penalty fee. After the first 24 hours, you are subject to the rules of the fare purchased. The reservation can be changed online or by calling an Egencia agent at 877 647-1453.

The airline holds back a certain percentage of seats for airport check in. You may still hold a reservation on the flight, but you will have to request your seat assignment at the airport or by logging into the airlines website using your record locator number.

No, Egencia does not comply with the Fly America Act (FAA). See more information on the Fly America Act.

Please contact your business office if your cost center is incorrect. It’s very important that the cost center gets corrected in Workday.

Yes, if the traveler’s frequent flyer numbers are stored in the User Profile prior to making any reservation.
You can update the frequent flyer numbers at any time through My Profile.

Airlines charge a fee for all changes made to a nonrefundable ticket, in addition to any increase in the airfare.

Yes, a reservation may be held until midnight the day after your reservation is booked. Please note that pricing may fluctuate until the ticket is purchased.

On the Flight tab, you will see three radio buttons directly above where you type in your departing city. The default is set to round trip, one way or multiple destinations. To book multiple destinations, click on the multiple destinations radio button and proceed with the booking. For complicated multiple reservations, an Egencia agent may better assist you by calling 877 647-1453.

Click on the receipt icon under the Trips menu.

You can see all exchange fees on your Itinerary receipt. Receipt information will appear the following day after ticketing.

Yale Travel offers a 25% discount on Acela Business class service to/from Washington, DC. Visit the travel website for additional Amtrak discounts.

The price should be the same or lower on Egencia, as we have some discounts that are only available on Egencia. You will enjoy other benefits that are only available using our contracted fares. Should you have to cancel, Egencia tracks unused tickets that may go to waste. We can get” waivers and favors” when our contract number is in the record, and the amount of our discount is based on volume, which can only be tracked if booked through the managed travel program.

Egencia monitors reservations and alerts us to any flight disruptions, such airline strikes, or civil unrest, making it easier for the university to fulfill its duty of care. Any difficulty in finding specific flights can usually be remedied by narrowing your search criteria to the airline and time of flight.

The Egencia Mobile app can be downloaded to your mobile phone via iTunes for iPhone or Google Play for the Android. You can book both flights and hotels in the Egencia mobile app. You will receive real-time alerts such as flight delays and gate changes.