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Yale Travel Management
2 Whitney Ave., Suite 540, New Haven CT 06510
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World Travel
833-780-1302 / 484-624-6988
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Yale currently works with the two agencies listed above.


The Yale Travel website is being renovated to include World Travel and to update the information overall. That will include training videos for sponsored travel using World Travel’s Concur system. More formal communications and training opportunities are being developed for the new year. In the meantime, Egencia and Concur both provide self-directed training modules:


A Workday feed is sent to Egencia and Concur several times per week. The feed creates and updates profiles for most full-time faculty and staff. Professional and graduate students will be added to the Concur feed soon. In the interim, unprofiled travelers, including students, should be booked as guests.


Egencia: Guests can be registered to book for themselves or for you to book for them using a Guest Template. Please contact Yale Travel if you require a Guest Template.

World Travel: Profiled users can book for guests if they have Guest Access. Please contact Yale Travel if you require Guest Access.

If your guests need to book for themselves, they will need to call World Travel to book with an agent.

Coming soon: Guests will be able to book for themselves on Concur.


Egencia: Two meeting options are available: Egencia Meetings and Guest Templates. Please contact Yale Travel with a brief description of your meetings, and we will discuss the best options with you. To set up an Egencia Meeting, please complete and submit the request form below.

World Travel: World Travel will currently book your meeting with live agents. If you need to set up a meeting with World Travel, complete and submit the request form below. A World Travel representative will follow up to review your needs. Contact Yale Travel with questions.