Yale Travel Management

Travel Guidelines

Before you leave campus, whether for summer-long travel, shorter vacation, or business trips, please review the following information on the International Toolkit website.

Review guidance on campus packages and mail delivery, supply orders and delivery of products, and more on Workplace Guidance FAQs page. Additional guidance can be found at:

Yale Travel Management is a resource for the Yale community and their guests traveling on University business. We are Yale employees responsible for managing the relationships with Yale’s travel suppliers, ensuring that they are providing the services they’re contracted to provide for Yale travelers. We can create traveler profiles and provide guest access to travel services for those who require it for traveling on Yale business. We use our industry knowledge to share information on travel-related issues and provide training opportunities on Egencia and Concur. We will also intervene on customer service requests when our suppliers have fallen short. Yale Travel Management is available on Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm. Contact us at travel@yale.edu.

FAQs on unused non-refundable airline tickets

April 7, 2022

FAQs on unused non-refundable airline tickets

Q: I have an unused non-refundable ticket on file for a trip that was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, and I was notified by the airline that it would expire soon. Can I still use it?

A: Yes,...

New service for federal grant-funded travel

April 6, 2022

To ensure compliance with Federal grant funding agency requirements , Yale Travel Management is piloting a new travel booking platform for federal grant-funded travel. The new...

Timothy Kropp joins Yale Travel Management

February 10, 2022

Join us in welcoming Timothy Kropp to the Yale Travel Management team! Tim started as a Travel Program Manager, Yale Administration, in December 2021. In his new role, Tim focuses on ensuring that those traveling on University business have a safe and positive experience. He also works with Yale...

United Airlines launches new virtual agent-on-demand service

February 10, 2022

United Airlines recently introduced a new tool to help travelers manage “day-of-travel issues.” Access the new “ agent on-demand ” service from a cellphone, QR code, or computer. While waiting in line or before leaving home, travelers can use this...